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request_resource(9) [centos man page]

REQUEST_RESOURCE(9)						Hardware Interfaces					       REQUEST_RESOURCE(9)

request_resource - request and reserve an I/O or memory resource SYNOPSIS
int request_resource(struct resource * root, struct resource * new); ARGUMENTS
root root resource descriptor new resource descriptor desired by caller DESCRIPTION
Returns 0 for success, negative error code on error. COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 3.10 June 2014 REQUEST_RESOURCE(9)

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EIO_DUP2(3)								 1							       EIO_DUP2(3)

eio_dup2 - Duplicate a file descriptor

resource eio_dup2 (mixed $fd, mixed $fd2, [int $pri = EIO_PRI_DEFAULT], [callable $callback = NULL], [mixed $data = NULL]) DESCRIPTION
eio_dup2(3) duplicates file descriptor. PARAMETERS
o $fd - Source stream, Socket resource, or numeric file descriptor o $fd2 - Target stream, Socket resource, or numeric file descriptor o $pri -The request priority: EIO_PRI_DEFAULT, EIO_PRI_MIN, EIO_PRI_MAX, or NULL. If NULL passed, $pri internally is set to EIO_PRI_DEFAULT. o $callback -$callback function is called when the request is done. It should match the following prototype: void callback(mixed $data, int $result[, resource $req]); o $data -is custom data passed to the request. o $result -request-specific result value; basically, the value returned by corresponding system call. o $req -is optional request resource which can be used with functions like eio_get_last_error(3) o $data - Arbitrary variable passed to $callback. RETURN VALUES
eio_dup2(3) returns request resource on success or FALSE on error. PHP Documentation Group EIO_DUP2(3)

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