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fc_remote_port_add(9) [centos man page]

FC_REMOTE_PORT_ADD(9)						  SCSI mid layer					     FC_REMOTE_PORT_ADD(9)

fc_remote_port_add - notify fc transport of the existence of a remote FC port. SYNOPSIS
struct fc_rport * fc_remote_port_add(struct Scsi_Host * shost, int channel, struct fc_rport_identifiers * ids); ARGUMENTS
shost scsi host the remote port is connected to. channel Channel on shost port connected to. ids The world wide names, fc address, and FC4 port roles for the remote port. DESCRIPTION
The LLDD calls this routine to notify the transport of the existence of a remote port. The LLDD provides the unique identifiers (wwpn,wwn) of the port, it's FC address (port_id), and the FC4 roles that are active for the port. For ports that are FCP targets (aka scsi targets), the FC transport maintains consistent target id bindings on behalf of the LLDD. A consistent target id binding is an assignment of a target id to a remote port identifier, which persists while the scsi host is attached. The remote port can disappear, then later reappear, and it's target id assignment remains the same. This allows for shifts in FC addressing (if binding by wwpn or wwnn) with no apparent changes to the scsi subsystem which is based on scsi host number and target id values. Bindings are only valid during the attachment of the scsi host. If the host detaches, then later re-attaches, target id bindings may change. This routine is responsible for returning a remote port structure. The routine will search the list of remote ports it maintains internally on behalf of consistent target id mappings. If found, the remote port structure will be reused. Otherwise, a new remote port structure will be allocated. Whenever a remote port is allocated, a new fc_remote_port class device is created. Should not be called from interrupt context. NOTES
This routine assumes no locks are held on entry. AUTHORS
James Bottomley <> Author. Rob Landley <> Author. COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 3.10 June 2014 FC_REMOTE_PORT_ADD(9)

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KF(1)							    BSD General Commands Manual 						     KF(1)

kf -- securely forward tickets SYNOPSIS
kf [-p port | --port=port] [-l login | --login=login] [-c ccache | --ccache=ccache] [-F | --forwardable] [-G | --no-forwardable] [-h | --help] [--version] host ... DESCRIPTION
The kf program forwards tickets to a remote host through an authenticated and encrypted stream. Options supported are: -p port, --port=port port to connect to -l login, --login=login remote login name -c ccache, --ccache=ccache remote cred cache -F, --forwardable forward forwardable credentials -G, --no-forwardable do not forward forwardable credentials -h, --help --version kf is useful when you do not want to enter your password on a remote host but want to have your tickets one for example AFS. In order for kf to work you will need to acquire your initial ticket with forwardable flag, i.e. kinit --forwardable. telnet is able to forward tickets by itself. SEE ALSO
kinit(1), telnet(1), kfd(8) Heimdal July 2, 2000 Heimdal
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