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sepolicy-interface(8) [centos man page]

sepolicy-interface(8)													     sepolicy-interface(8)

sepolicy-interface - Print interface information based on the installed SELinux Policy SYNOPSIS
sepolicy interface [-h] [-c] [-v] [-a | -u | -l | -i INTERFACE [INTERFACE ... ]] DESCRIPTION
Use sepolicy interface to print interfaces information based on SELinux Policy. OPTIONS
-a, --list_admin List all domains with admin interface -c, --compile Test compile of interfaces -h, --help Display help message -i, --interface Interface(s) to be displayed -l, --list List all interfaces -u, --list_user List all domains with SELinux user role interface -v, --verbose Display extended information about the interface including parameters and desctiprion if available. AUTHOR
This man page was written by Daniel Walsh <> SEE ALSO
sepolicy(8), selinux(8) 20121222 sepolicy-interface(8)

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semanage-interface(8)													     semanage-interface(8)

semanage interface- SELinux Policy Management network interface tool SYNOPSIS
semanage interface [-h] [-n] [-N] [-s STORE] [ --add -t TYPE -r RANGE interface | --delete interface | --deleteall | --extract | --list [-C] | --modify -t TYPE -r RANGE interface ] DESCRIPTION
semanage is used to configure certain elements of SELinux policy without requiring modification to or recompilation from policy sources. semanage interface controls the labels assigned to network interfaces. OPTIONS
-h, --help show this help message and exit -n, --noheading Do not print heading when listing the specified object type -N, --noreload Do not reload policy after commit -S STORE, --store STORE Select an alternate SELinux Policy Store to manage -C, --locallist List local customizations -a, --add Add a record of the specified object type -d, --delete Delete a record of the specified object type -m, --modify Modify a record of the specified object type -l, --list List records of the specified object type -E, --extract Extract customizable commands, for use within a transaction -D, --deleteall Remove all local customizations -t TYPE, --type TYPE SELinux type for the object -r RANGE, --range RANGE MLS/MCS Security Range (MLS/MCS Systems only) SELinux Range for SELinux login mapping defaults to the SELinux user record range. SELinux Range for SELinux user defaults to s0. EXAMPLE
list all interface defitions # semanage interface -l SEE ALSO
selinux (8), semanage (8) AUTHOR
This man page was written by Daniel Walsh <> 20130617 semanage-interface(8)
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