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runit-init(8) [centos man page]

runit-init(8)                                                 System Manager's Manual                                                runit-init(8)

init - a UNIX process no 1 SYNOPSIS
init [ 0 | 6 ] DESCRIPTION
runit-init is the first process the kernel starts. If runit-init is started as process no 1, it runs and replaces itself with runit(8). If runit-init is started while the system is up, it must be either called as init 0 or init 6: init 0 tells the Unix process no 1 to shutdown and halt the system. To signal runit(8) the system halt request, runit-init removes all permissions of the file /etc/runit/reboot (chmod 0), and sets the execute by owner permission of the file /etc/runit/stopit (chmod 100). Then a CONT signal is sent to runit(8). init 6 tells the Unix process no 1 to shutdown and reboot the system. To signal runit(8) the system reboot request, runit-init sets the execute by owner permission of the files /etc/runit/reboot and /etc/runit/stopit (chmod 100). Then a CONT signal is sent to runit(8). EXIT CODES
runit-init returns 111 on error, 0 in all other cases. SEE ALSO
runit(8), runsvdir(8), runsvchdir(8), sv(8), runsv(8), chpst(8), utmpset(8), svlogd(8) AUTHOR
Gerrit Pape <> runit-init(8)

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runit(8)                                                      System Manager's Manual                                                     runit(8)

runit - a UNIX process no 1 SYNOPSIS
runit must be run as Unix process no 1. It performs the system's booting, running, and shutdown in three stages: STAGE 1 runit runs /etc/runit/1 and waits for it to terminate. The system's one time tasks are done here. /etc/runit/1 has full control of /dev/console to be able to start an emergency shell if the one time initialization tasks fail. If /etc/runit/1 crashes, or exits 100, runit will skip stage 2 and enter stage 3. STAGE 2 runit runs /etc/runit/2, which should not return until system shutdown; if it crashes, or exits 111, it will be restarted. Normally /etc/runit/2 starts runsvdir(8). runit is able to handle the ctrl-alt-del keyboard request in stage 2, see below. STAGE 3 If runit is told to shutdown the system, or stage 2 returns, it terminates stage 2 if it is running, and runs /etc/runit/3. The systems tasks to shutdown and possibly halt or reboot the system are done here. If stage 3 returns, runit checks if the file /etc/runit/reboot exists and has the execute by owner permission set. If so, the system is rebooted, it's halted otherwise. CTRL-ALT-DEL If runit receives the ctrl-alt-del keyboard request and the file /etc/runit/ctrlaltdel exists and has the execute by owner permission set, runit runs /etc/runit/ctrlaltdel, waits for it to terminate, and then sends itself a CONT signal. SIGNALS
runit only accepts signals in stage 2. If runit receives a CONT signal and the file /etc/runit/stopit exists and has the execute by owner permission set, runit is told to shut- down the system. if runit receives an INT signal, a ctrl-alt-del keyboard request is triggered. SEE ALSO
runit-init(8), runsvdir(8), runsvchdir(8), sv(8), runsv(8), chpst(8), utmpset(8), svlogd(8) AUTHOR
Gerrit Pape <> runit(8)
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