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pam_localuser(8) [centos man page]

PAM_LOCALUSER(8)						 Linux-PAM Manual						  PAM_LOCALUSER(8)

pam_localuser - require users to be listed in /etc/passwd SYNOPSIS [debug] [file=/path/passwd] DESCRIPTION
pam_localuser is a PAM module to help implementing site-wide login policies, where they typically include a subset of the network's users and a few accounts that are local to a particular workstation. Using pam_localuser and pam_wheel or pam_listfile is an effective way to restrict access to either local users and/or a subset of the network's users. This could also be implemented using and a very short awk script invoked by cron, but it's common enough to have been separated out. OPTIONS
debug Print debug information. file=/path/passwd Use a file other than /etc/passwd. MODULE TYPES PROVIDED
All module types (account, auth, password and session) are provided. RETURN VALUES
PAM_SUCCESS The new localuser was set successfully. PAM_SERVICE_ERR No username was given. PAM_USER_UNKNOWN User not known. EXAMPLES
Add the following line to /etc/pam.d/su to allow only local users in group wheel to use su. account sufficient account required FILES
/etc/passwd Local user account information. SEE ALSO
pam.conf(5), pam.d(5), pam(8) AUTHOR
pam_localuser was written by Nalin Dahyabhai <>. Linux-PAM Manual 09/19/2013 PAM_LOCALUSER(8)

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PAM_WHEEL(8)							 Linux-PAM Manual						      PAM_WHEEL(8)

pam_wheel - Only permit root access to members of group wheel SYNOPSIS [debug] [deny] [group=name] [root_only] [trust] DESCRIPTION
The pam_wheel PAM module is used to enforce the so-called wheel group. By default it permits root access to the system if the applicant user is a member of the wheel group. If no group with this name exist, the module is using the group with the group-ID 0. OPTIONS
debug Print debug information. deny Reverse the sense of the auth operation: if the user is trying to get UID 0 access and is a member of the wheel group (or the group of the group option), deny access. Conversely, if the user is not in the group, return PAM_IGNORE (unless trust was also specified, in which case we return PAM_SUCCESS). group=name Instead of checking the wheel or GID 0 groups, use the name group to perform the authentication. root_only The check for wheel membership is done only. trust The pam_wheel module will return PAM_SUCCESS instead of PAM_IGNORE if the user is a member of the wheel group (thus with a little play stacking the modules the wheel members may be able to su to root without being prompted for a passwd). MODULE TYPES PROVIDED
The auth and account module types are provided. RETURN VALUES
PAM_AUTH_ERR Authentication failure. PAM_BUF_ERR Memory buffer error. PAM_IGNORE The return value should be ignored by PAM dispatch. PAM_PERM_DENY Permission denied. PAM_SERVICE_ERR Cannot determine the user name. PAM_SUCCESS Success. PAM_USER_UNKNOWN User not known. EXAMPLES
The root account gains access by default (rootok), only wheel members can become root (wheel) but Unix authenticate non-root applicants. su auth sufficient su auth required su auth required SEE ALSO
pam.conf(5), pam.d(5), pam(7) AUTHOR
pam_wheel was written by Cristian Gafton <>. Linux-PAM Manual 05/31/2011 PAM_WHEEL(8)
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