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modemmanager(8) [centos man page]

MODEMMANAGER(8) 					      System Manager's Manual						   MODEMMANAGER(8)

ModemManager - modem management daemon SYNOPSIS
ModemManager [--version] | [--help] ModemManager [--debug] [--log-level=<level>] [--log-file=<filename>] [--timestamps] [--relative-timestamps] DESCRIPTION
The ModemManager daemon provides a unified high level API for communicating with (mobile broadband) modems. While the basic commands are standardized, the more advanced operations (like signal quality monitoring while connected) varies a lot. ModemManager is a system daemon and is not meant to be used directly from the command line. OPTIONS
The following options are supported: --version Print the ModemManager software version and exit. --help Print ModemManager's available options and exit. --debug Runs ModemManager with "DEBUG" log level and without daemonizing. This is useful for debugging, as it directs log output to the con- trolling terminal in addition to syslog. --log-level=<level> Sets how much information ModemManager sends to the log destination (usually syslog's "daemon" facility). By default, only informa- tional, warning, and error messages are logged. Given level must be one of "ERR", "WARN", "INFO" or "DEBUG". --log-file=<filename> Specify location of the file where ModemManager will dump its log messages, instead of syslog. --timestamps Include absolute timestamps in the log output. --relative-timestamps Include timestamps, relative to the start time of the daemon, in the log output. SEE ALSO NetworkManager(8). 31 October 2011 MODEMMANAGER(8)

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Glusterd(8)							   Gluster Inc. 						       Glusterd(8)

Glusterd - Gluster elastic volume management daemon SYNOPSIS
The glusterd daemon is used for elastic volume management. The daemon must be run on all export servers. OPTIONS
Basic options -l=<LOGFILE>, --log-file=<LOGFILE> File to use for logging. -L=<LOGLEVEL>, --log-level=<LOGLEVEL> Logging severity. Valid options are TRACE, DEBUG, INFO, WARNING, ERROR and CRITICAL (the default is INFO). --debug Run the program in debug mode. This option sets --no-daemon, --log-level to DEBUG and --log-file to console. -N, --no-daemon Run the program in the foreground. Miscellaneous Options: -?, --help Display this help. --usage Display a short usage message. -V, --version Print the program version. FILES
/etc/glusterd/* SEE ALSO
fusermount(1), mount.glusterfs(8), glusterfs(8), gluster(8) COPYRIGHT
Copyright(c) 2006-2011 Gluster, Inc. <> 07 March 2011 Gluster elastic volume management daemon Glusterd(8)
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