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mkzonedb(8) [centos man page]

MKZONEDB(8)						    Linux System Administration 					       MKZONEDB(8)

mkzonedb - Utility create a zone file for isdnlog SYNOPSIS
mkzonedb -r zonefile -d database [-v] [-V] [-o Oz] [-l len] DESCRIPTION
mkzonedb reads a text file with zone (area code) information, and writes it in a special format to the database file so that other apps such as isdnlog can easily access the data. This data is used to determine in what "zone" a given area code is in relation to another, to see what rate applies to a call between these area codes ("is the call a local call"). This utility is really only used during the building of the isdnlog-data package, but it may be useful for those who want to create their own custom tables. OPTIONS
-r zonefile the text file with the zone information. Use "-" for standard input. -d database the output database filename -v verbose mode -V show version information, and quit (don't do anything) -o Oz Use "Oz" area zone. Default is 1. (What does this mean, exactly?) -l len "len" is the length of areacodes. If 5 or more is given, then more space is allocated for the internal tables (40000 instead of 10000 numbers allowed). Other values aren't really used. AUTHOR
manpage written from C source by Paul Slootman <>. mkzonedb 2003/03/11 MKZONEDB(8)

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isdnbill(1)						       Linux System Commands						       isdnbill(1)

isdnbill - report isdn costs DESCRIPTION
isdnbill is a simple and imperfect utility to show the bill for ISDN calls. Note that it is only for indicative purposes! It works best in Germany, and even then there are no guarantees. Consider its use for educational purposes only... For better results, use isdnrep. OPTIONS
-V show version -a show all connections -e show incomplete calls -f recalculate costs _always_ -i show incoming calls -m prices without VAT -n do _not_ replace numbers with aliases -o show outgoing calls -t show only current connections -vn verbose level n -Nnnn show only calls with the specified number -I show only calls on the internal S0 bus -E show only calls on the external S0 bus FILES
/var/log/isdn.log or /var/lib/isdn/calls isdnlog log file with information about all calls. /etc/isdn/isdn.conf general configuration /etc/isdn/callerid.conf aliases for telephone numbers SEE ALSO
isdnlog(5) isdnlog(8) isdnrep(1) AUTHOR
This manual page was written by Paul Slootman <>, for Debian GNU/Linux. ISDN 4 Linux 3.13 2003-10-14 isdnbill(1)
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