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ipsec_look(8) [centos man page]

LOOK(8) 							Executable programs							   LOOK(8)

ipsec_look - get a quick summary of Libreswan status SYNOPSIS
ipsec look DESCRIPTION
Look is used to get a quick overview of what the status of Libreswan is. It is the equivalent to running the commands ipsec eroute, ipsec spigrp, ipsec tncfg, ipsec spi and netstat -rn. However a bit of processing is done to combine the outputs. Some of the above commands, and there for ipsec look, are only supported with the KLIPS or MAST stack, and will give errors when used on BSD, Windows or Linux with NETKEY. SEE ALSO
ipsec(8), ipsec_tncfg(8), ipsec_spi(8), ipsec_spigrp(8), ipsec_eroute(5), netstat(8). HISTORY
Man page written for the Linux FreeS/WAN project <> by Michael Richardson. Original program written by Henry Spencer. AUTHOR
Paul Wouters placeholder to suppress warning libreswan 12/16/2012 LOOK(8)

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IPSEC_TNCFG(8)							Executable programs						    IPSEC_TNCFG(8)

ipsec_tncfg - manipulate KLIPS virtual interfaces SYNOPSIS
ipsec tncfg ipsec tncfg --create virtual ipsec tncfg --delete virtual ipsec tncfg --attach --virtual virtual --physical physical ipsec tncfg --detach --virtual virtual ipsec tncfg --clear ipsec tncfg --version ipsec tncfg --help KLIPS
Note that tncfg is only supported on the KLIPS stack which uses ipsecX interfaces bound to physical interfaces DESCRIPTION
The purpose of tncfg is to attach/detach IPsec virtual interfaces (e.g. ipsec0) to/from physical interfaces (e.g. eth0) through which packets will be forwarded once processed by KLIPS. When using the MAST stack, tncfg is used to create and delete virtual interfaces known as mastXXX. mast stands for Mooring and XXX. The form with no additional arguments lists the contents of /proc/net/ipsec_tncfg. The format of /proc/net/ipsec_tncfg is discussed in ipsec_tncfg(5). The --attach form attaches the virtual interface to the physical one. The --detach form detaches the virtual interface from whichever physical interface it is attached to. The --clear form clears all the virtual interfaces from whichever physical interfaces they were attached to. Virtual interfaces typically have names like ipsec0 or mast0 while physical interfaces typically have names like eth0 or ppp0. EXAMPLES
ipsec tncfg --create mast12 creates the mast12 device. ipsec tncfg --create ipsec4 creates an ipsec4 device, but does not attach it. ipsec tncfg --attach --virtual ipsec0 --physical eth0 attaches the ipsec0 virtual device to the eth0 physical device. FILES
/proc/net/ipsec_tncfg, /usr/local/bin/ipsec SEE ALSO
ipsec(8), ipsec_manual(8), ipsec_eroute(8), ipsec_spi(8), ipsec_spigrp(8), ipsec_klipsdebug(8), ipsec_tncfg(5) HISTORY
Written for the Linux FreeS/WAN project <> by Richard Guy Briggs. AUTHOR
Paul Wouters placeholder to suppress warning libreswan 12/16/2012 IPSEC_TNCFG(8)
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