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ipmaddr(8) [centos man page]

IPMADDR(8)																IPMADDR(8)

ipmaddr - adds, deletes, and displays multicast addresses SYNOPSIS
/usr/sbin/ipmaddr [<operation>] [<args>] NOTE
This program is obsolete. For replacement check ip maddr. DESCRIPTION
The ipmaddr command can perform one of the following operations: add - add a multicast address del - delete a multicast address show - list multicast addresses SEE ALSO
ip(8). SEPTEMBER 2009 IPMADDR(8)

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ost::IPV4MulticastValidator(3)				     Library Functions Manual				    ost::IPV4MulticastValidator(3)

ost::IPV4MulticastValidator - Class for the function object that validates multicast addresses. SYNOPSIS
#include <address.h> Inherits ost::IPV4Validator. Public Member Functions IPV4MulticastValidator () Constructor. virtual ~IPV4MulticastValidator () Keeps compilers happy. void operator() (const in_addr address) const Application operator. Detailed Description Class for the function object that validates multicast addresses. Implements a specific application operator to validate multicast addresses. Author: Federico Montesino Validating class specialized for multicast addresses. Constructor &; Destructor Documentation ost::IPV4MulticastValidator::IPV4MulticastValidator () [inline] Constructor. Does not deal with any state. virtual ost::IPV4MulticastValidator::~IPV4MulticastValidator () [inline], [virtual] Keeps compilers happy. Member Function Documentation void ost::IPV4MulticastValidator::operator() (const in_addraddress) const [virtual] Application operator. Apply the validation algorithm specific to multicast addresses Implements ost::IPV4Validator. Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for GNU CommonC++ from the source code. GNU CommonC++ Sat Jun 23 2012 ost::IPV4MulticastValidator(3)
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