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dump-acct(8) [centos man page]

DUMP_ACCT(8)						      System Manager's Manual						      DUMP_ACCT(8)

dump-acct - print an acct/pacct file in human-readable format SYNOPSIS
dump-acct [-r|--reverse] [-R|--raw] [-n|--num recs] [--byte-swap] [--format] [--ahz freq] [-h|--help] [files] DESCRIPTION
The dump-acct command transforms the output file from the accton format to the human-readable format: one record per line. Each record consists of severald fields which are separated by character "|" (the meaning of concreate field depends on the version of kernel package - with which the accton file was created). OPTIONS
The following options are supported: -r, --reverse Print the output in reverse order. -R, --raw The records will be printed without any parsing. -n, --num NUMRECS Display only the first NUMRECS number of records. --byteswap Swap the bytes (relative to your system's native byte order) in --raw output. --format Set output format with --raw option. --ahz FREQ Set the AHZ (platform dependent frequency in Hertz) to FREQ. -h, --help Print a help message and the default location of the process accounting file and exit. SEE ALSO
accton (8), lastcomm (1) Linux accounting system 2009 December 2 DUMP_ACCT(8)

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DUMP-UTMP(8)						     GNU Accounting Utilities						      DUMP-UTMP(8)

dump-utmp - print an utmp file in human-readable format. SYNOPSIS
dump-acct [-r|--reverse] [-R|--raw] [-n|--num recs] [-h|--help] [ files] DESCRIPTION
dump-acct filename prints a list of all logins. This list is usually written in /var/log/wtmp. All fields are separated by vertical line. Fields are: user name, tty, type, id, pid, hostaddr, host, time. OPTIONS
-h, --help Prints the usage string and default locations of system files to standard output and exits. -n, --num recs Number of lines to print. -r, --reverse Start printing from last records. -R, --raw Print raw records, not human-readable. FILES
wtmp The system wide login record file. See wtmp(5) for further details. SEE ALSO
login(1), wtmp(5), init(8), sa(8). AUTHOR
The GNU accounting utilities were written by Noel Cragg <>. This manual page was written by Ognyan Kulev <> and updated by Daniel Baumann <> for the Debian project (but may be used by others). 6.5.1 2006-04-22 DUMP-UTMP(8)
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