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cmap_overview(8) [centos man page]

CMAP_OVERVIEW(8)				    Corosync Cluster Engine Programmer's Manual 				  CMAP_OVERVIEW(8)

cmap_overview - Overview of the Configuration Map OVERVIEW
The CMAP library is used to interact with the configuration database used by corosync. The library provides a mechanism to: * Create of new keys * Change existing keys * Remove keys * Iterate keys with given prefix * Track changes on keys Description of most keys created by corosync itself can be found in cmap_keys (8). BUGS
cmap_initialize(3), cmap_finalize(3), cmap_get(3), cmap_set(3), cmap_delete(3), cmap_inc(3), cmap_dec(3), cmap_fd_get(3), cmap_dispatch(3), cmap_context_set(3), cmap_context_get(3), cmap_iter_init(3), cmap_iter_next(3), cmap_iter_finalize(3), cmap_track_add(3), cmap_track_delete(3), cmap_keys(8) corosync Man Page 03/02/2012 CMAP_OVERVIEW(8)

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CMAP_ITER_FINALIZE(3)				    Corosync Cluster Engine Programmer's Manual 			     CMAP_ITER_FINALIZE(3)

cmap_iter_finalize - Finalize iterator for keys stored in CMAP SYNOPSIS
#include <corosync/cmap.h> cs_error_t cmap_iter_finalize (cmap_handle_t handle, cmap_iter_handle_t iter_handle); DESCRIPTION
The cmap_iter_finalize function is used to free up memory asociated with iteration obtained by calling of cmap_iter_init(3) function. The handle argument is connection to CMAP database obtained by calling cmap_initialize(3) function. iter_handle argument is iterator handle obtained by cmap_iter_init(3) function. RETURN VALUE
This call returns the CS_OK value if successful. CS_ERR_BAD_HANDLE error is returned when iter_handle is invalid. SEE ALSO
cmap_iter_init(3), cmap_initialize(3), cmap_overview(8) CS_ERR_TRY_AGAIN Resource temporarily unavailable CS_ERR_INVALID_PARAM Invalid argument CS_ERR_ACCESS Permission denied CS_ERR_LIBRARY The connection failed CS_ERR_INTERRUPT System call inturrupted by a signal CS_ERR_NOT_SUPPORTED The requested protocol/functuality not supported CS_ERR_MESSAGE_ERROR Incorrect auth message received CS_ERR_NO_MEMORY Not enough memory to completed the requested task corosync Man Page 06/02/2012 CMAP_ITER_FINALIZE(3)
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