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BWILD(8)						     Network backup, utilities							  BWILD(8)

bwild - Bacula's 'wildcard' engine SYNOPSIS
bwild [options] -f <data-file> DESCRIPTION
This manual page documents briefly the bwild command. This is a simple program that will allow you to test wild-card expressions against a file of data. OPTIONS
A summary of options is included below. -? Show version and usage of program. -d nn Set debug level to nn. -dt Print timestamp in debug output -f <data-file> The data-file is a filename that contains lines of data to be matched (or not) against one or more patterns. When the program is run, it will prompt you for a wild-card pattern, then apply it one line at a time against the data in the file. Each line that matches will be printed preceded by its line number. You will then be prompted again for another pattern. Enter an empty line for a pattern to terminate the program. You can print only lines that do not match by using the -n option, and you can suppress printing of line numbers with the -l option. -n Print lines that do not match -l Suppress lines numbers. -i use case insensitive match. SEE ALSO
fnmatch(3) AUTHOR
This manual page was written by Bruno Friedmann <>. Kern Sibbald 30 October 2011 BWILD(8)

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BLS(8)						     Network backup, recovery and verification						    BLS(8)

bls - Bacula's 'Tape LS' SYNOPSIS
bls [options] <device-name> DESCRIPTION
This manual page documents briefly the bls command. OPTIONS
A summary of options is included below. -? Show version and usage of program. -b bootstrap Specify a bootstrap file. -c config Specify configuration file. -d nn Set debug level to nn. -dt Print timestamp in debug output -e <file> Specify exclude list file. -i <file> Specify include list file. -j List jobs. -k List blocks. (no -j or -k option) List saved files -L Dump label. -p Proceed inspite of errors. -V volumes Specify volume names (separated by '|'). -v Set verbose mode. SEE ALSO
bscan(8), bextract(8). AUTHOR
This manual page was written by Jose Luis Tallon <>. Kern Sibbald 26 November 2009 BLS(8)
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