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grub-reboot(8) [centos man page]

GRUB-REBOOT(8)						  System Administration Utilities					    GRUB-REBOOT(8)

grub-reboot - set the default boot entry for GRUB, for the next boot only SYNOPSIS
Set the default boot menu entry for GRUB, for the next boot only. -h, --help print this message and exit -V, --version print the version information and exit --boot-directory=DIR expect GRUB images under the directory DIR/grub instead of the /boot/grub directory MENU_ENTRY is a number, a menu item title or a menu item identifier. Please note that menu items in submenus or sub-submenus require speci- fying the submenu components and then the menu item component. The titles should be separated using the greater-than character (>) with no extra spaces. Depending on your shell some characters including > may need escaping. More information about this is available in the GRUB Manual in the section about the 'default' command. REPORTING BUGS
Report bugs to <>. SEE ALSO
grub-set-default(8), grub-editenv(1) The full documentation for grub-reboot is maintained as a Texinfo manual. If the info and grub-reboot programs are properly installed at your site, the command info grub-reboot should give you access to the complete manual. grub-reboot (GRUB) 2.02-2ubuntu8.3 July 2018 GRUB-REBOOT(8)

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GRUB-EDITENV(1) 						   User Commands						   GRUB-EDITENV(1)

grub-editenv - edit GRUB environment block SYNOPSIS
Tool to edit environment block. Commands: create Create a blank environment block file. list List the current variables. set [NAME=VALUE ...] Set variables. unset [NAME ...] Delete variables. -?, --help give this help list --usage give a short usage message -v, --verbose print verbose messages. -V, --version print program version Options: If FILENAME is `-', the default value /boot/grub/grubenv is used. There is no `delete' command; if you want to delete the whole environment block, use `rm /boot/grub/grubenv'. REPORTING BUGS
Report bugs to <>. SEE ALSO
grub-reboot(8), grub-set-default(8) The full documentation for grub-editenv is maintained as a Texinfo manual. If the info and grub-editenv programs are properly installed at your site, the command info grub-editenv should give you access to the complete manual. grub-editenv (GRUB) 2.02-2ubuntu8.3 July 2018 GRUB-EDITENV(1)
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