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fragiso(8) [centos man page]

FRAGISO(8)						      System Manager's Manual							FRAGISO(8)

fragiso - split rpm packages from an iso and reassemble the iso later on SYNOPSIS
fragiso make iso fiso fragiso list fiso fragiso fill [-m] fiso iso DESCRIPTION
fragiso can be used to convert an iso file into a fragment file, which is a list describing all of the rpms on the iso and a data chunk containing everything but the rpms. It is used by drpmsync when an iso needs to be transferred. The idea is that often the rpms on the iso are already available on the destination host, so it saves bandwidth to first transfer the fragmented iso, copy the locally available rpms, transfer the unavailable rpms and reassemble the iso file. fragiso make converts the iso into the fragment iso, fragiso list can be used to extract the rpm information. This information consists of the offset and length of all rpms and the lead/signature header md5sum plus the header/payload md5sum. To reassemble the iso one has to copy the rpms at the right offset into a new file and then use fragiso fill later on to provide all data not contained in the rpms. The -m option tells fragiso to print the resulting md5sum of the iso to stdout. It can be used for verification purposes. SEE ALSO
drpmsync(8) AUTHOR
Michael Schroeder <> Mar 2007 FRAGISO(8)

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Encode::Byte(3pm)					 Perl Programmers Reference Guide					 Encode::Byte(3pm)

Encode::Byte - Single Byte Encodings SYNOPSIS
use Encode qw/encode decode/; $greek = encode("iso-8859-7", $utf8); # loads Encode::Byte implicitly $utf8 = decode("iso-8859-7", $greek); # ditto ABSTRACT
This module implements various single byte encodings. For most cases it uses x80-xff (upper half) to map non-ASCII characters. Encodings supported are as follows. Canonical Alias Description -------------------------------------------------------------------- # ISO 8859 series (iso-8859-1 is in built-in) iso-8859-2 latin2 [ISO] iso-8859-3 latin3 [ISO] iso-8859-4 latin4 [ISO] iso-8859-5 [ISO] iso-8859-6 [ISO] iso-8859-7 [ISO] iso-8859-8 [ISO] iso-8859-9 latin5 [ISO] iso-8859-10 latin6 [ISO] iso-8859-11 (iso-8859-12 is nonexistent) iso-8859-13 latin7 [ISO] iso-8859-14 latin8 [ISO] iso-8859-15 latin9 [ISO] iso-8859-16 latin10 [ISO] # Cyrillic koi8-f koi8-r cp878 [RFC1489] koi8-u [RFC2319] # Vietnamese viscii # all cp* are also available as ibm-*, ms-*, and windows-* # also see L<> cp424 cp437 cp737 cp775 cp850 cp852 cp855 cp856 cp857 cp860 cp861 cp862 cp863 cp864 cp865 cp866 cp869 cp874 cp1006 cp1250 WinLatin2 cp1251 WinCyrillic cp1252 WinLatin1 cp1253 WinGreek cp1254 WinTurkish cp1255 WinHebrew cp1256 WinArabic cp1257 WinBaltic cp1258 WinVietnamese # Macintosh # Also see L<> MacArabic MacCentralEurRoman MacCroatian MacCyrillic MacFarsi MacGreek MacHebrew MacIcelandic MacRoman MacRomanian MacRumanian MacSami MacThai MacTurkish MacUkrainian # More vendor encodings AdobeStandardEncoding nextstep hp-roman8 DESCRIPTION
To find how to use this module in detail, see Encode. SEE ALSO
Encode perl v5.18.2 2013-11-04 Encode::Byte(3pm)

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