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corosync-cfgtool(8) [centos man page]


corosync-cfgtool - An administrative tool for corosync. SYNOPSIS
corosync-cfgtool [-i] [IP_address] [-s] [-r] [-l] [-u] [-H] [service_name] [-v] [version] [-k] [nodeid] [-a] [nodeid] DESCRIPTION
corosync-cfgtool A tool for displaying and configuring active parameters within corosync. OPTIONS
-h Print basic usage. -i Finds only information about the specified interface IP address. -s Displays the status of the current rings on this node. If any interfaces are faulty, 1 is returned by the binary. If all inter- faces are active 0 is returned to the shell. -r Reset redundant ring state cluster wide after a fault to re-enable redundant ring operation. -l Load a service identified by "service_name". -u Unload a service identified by "service_name". -a Display the IP address(es) of a node. -k Kill a node identified by node id. -R Tell all instances of corosync in this cluster to reload corosync.conf -H Shutdown corosync cleanly on this node. SEE ALSO
corosync_overview(8), AUTHOR
Angus Salkeld 2010-05-30 COROSYNC-CFGTOOL(8)

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COROSYNC-QUORUMTOOL(8)					      System Manager's Manual					    COROSYNC-QUORUMTOOL(8)

corosync-quorumtool - Set and display quorum settings. SYNOPSIS
corosync-quorumtool [-s] [-m] [-l] [-p] [-v votes] [-n nodeid] [-e expected] [-h] [-i] [-V] DESCRIPTION
Display the current state of quorum in the cluster and set vote quorum options. OPTIONS
-s show quorum status -m constantly monitor quorum status -l list nodes -v <votes> change the number of votes for a node * -n <nodeid> optional nodeid of node for -v -e <expected> change expected votes for the cluster * -H show nodeids in hexadecimal rather than decimal -i show node IP addresses instead of the resolved name -p when used with -s or -l, generates machine parsable output -h (if no other argument) show this help text -V show version and exit * Starred items only work if votequorum is the quorum provider for corosync SEE ALSO
corosync_overview(8), votequorum_overview(8), AUTHOR
Angus Salkeld 2012-01-12 COROSYNC-QUORUMTOOL(8)
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