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usba(7d) [centos man page]

usba(7D)																  usba(7D)

usba, usb - Solaris USB Architecture (USBA) USB provides a low-cost means for attaching peripheral devices, including mass-storage devices, keyboards, mice, and printers, to a system. For complete information on USB, go to the USB website at USBA supports 126 hot-pluggable USB devices per USB bus. The maximum data transfer rate is 1.5 Mbits (low speed USB 1.x) or 12 Mbits (full speed USB 1.x) or 480 MBits (high speed USB 2.0) Mbits per second (Mbps). USBA adheres to the Universal Serial Bus 2.0 specification and provides a transport layer abstraction to USB client drivers. FILES
Listed below are drivers and modules which either utilize or are utilized by USBA. Drivers in /kernel/drv are 32 bit drivers ( only). Driv- ers in /kernel/drv/sparcv9 or /kernel/drv/amd64 are 64 bit drivers. +------------------------------------+----------------------------------+ | CLIENT DRIVER | FUNCTION/DEVICE | +------------------------------------+----------------------------------+ |/kernel/drv/[sparcv9|amd64/]hid | HID class | +------------------------------------+----------------------------------+ |/kernel/drv/[sparcv9|amd64/]hubd | hub class | +------------------------------------+----------------------------------+ |/ker- | mass storage class | |nel/drv/[sparcv9|amd64/]scsa2usb | | +------------------------------------+----------------------------------+ |/kernel/drv/[sparcv9|amd64/]usbprn | printer class | +------------------------------------+----------------------------------+ |/kernel/drv/[sparcv9|amd64/]usb_as | audio streaming class | +------------------------------------+----------------------------------+ |/kernel/drv/[sparcv9|amd64/]usb_ac | audio control class | +------------------------------------+----------------------------------+ |/kernel/drv/[sparcv9|amd64/]usb_mid | multi-interface device | +------------------------------------+----------------------------------+ |/kernel/drv/[sparcv9|amd64/]usb- | Edgeport USB to serial port | |ser_edge | | +------------------------------------+----------------------------------+ |/kernel/drv/[sparcv9|amd64/]ugen | generic USB driver | +------------------------------------+----------------------------------+ |/kernel/drv/[sparcv9|amd64/]ohci | open host controller driver | +------------------------------------+----------------------------------+ |/kernel/drv/[sparcv9|amd64/]uhci | universal host controller driver | +------------------------------------+----------------------------------+ |/kernel/drv/[sparcv9|amd64/]ehci | enhanced host controller driver | +------------------------------------+----------------------------------+ +--------------------------------+-----------------------------+ | CLIENT STREAMS MODULES | FUNCTION/DEVICE | +--------------------------------+-----------------------------+ |/kernel/strmod/[sparcv9/]usbkbm | Keyboard | +--------------------------------+-----------------------------+ |/kernel/strmod/[sparcv9/]usbms | Mouse | +--------------------------------+-----------------------------+ |/kernel/strmod/[sparcv9/]usb_ah | audio HID | +--------------------------------+-----------------------------+ +------------------------------------------+----------------+ | HOST CONTROLLER INTERFACE DRIVERS | DEVICE | +------------------------------------------+----------------+ |/kernel/drv/[sparcv9/]ehci | Enhanced HCI | +------------------------------------------+----------------+ |/kernel/drv/[sparcv9/]ohci | Open HCI | +------------------------------------------+----------------+ |/kernel/drv/[sparcv9/]uhci | Universal HCI | +------------------------------------------+----------------+ See attributes(5) for a description of the following attributes: +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Architecture |PCI-based systems | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Availability |SUNWusb | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ cfgadm_usb(1M), attributes(5), ehci(7D), hid(7D), hubd(7D), ohci(7D), scsa2usb(7D), uhci(7D), usb_ac(7D), usb_as(7D), usb_mid(7D), usbprn(7D), usbser_edge(7D), ugen(7D), virtualkm(7D) Universal Serial Bus Specification 2.0. System Administration Guide: Basic Administration NOTES
Booting from USB mass-storage devices is not supported. The messages described below may appear on the system console as well as being logged. All messages are formatted in the following manner: WARNING: Error message... No driver found for device <device_name> (interface <number> node name=<node_name>) The installed Solaris software does not contain a supported driver for this hardware. <number> is the interface number. <name> is either the device path name or the device name. Draining callbacks timed out! An internal error occured. Please reboot your system. If this problem persists, contact your system vendor. 27 June 2005 usba(7D)

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