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DISCARD(7)						  PostgreSQL 9.2.7 Documentation						DISCARD(7)

DISCARD - discard session state SYNOPSIS
DISCARD releases internal resources associated with a database session. These resources are normally released at the end of the session. DISCARD TEMP drops all temporary tables created in the current session. DISCARD PLANS releases all internally cached query plans. DISCARD ALL resets a session to its original state, discarding temporary resources and resetting session-local configuration changes. PARAMETERS
TEMPORARY or TEMP Drops all temporary tables created in the current session. PLANS Releases all cached query plans. ALL Releases all temporary resources associated with the current session and resets the session to its initial state. Currently, this has the same effect as executing the following sequence of statements: SET SESSION AUTHORIZATION DEFAULT; RESET ALL; DEALLOCATE ALL; CLOSE ALL; UNLISTEN *; SELECT pg_advisory_unlock_all(); DISCARD PLANS; DISCARD TEMP; NOTES
DISCARD ALL cannot be executed inside a transaction block. COMPATIBILITY
DISCARD is a PostgreSQL extension. PostgreSQL 9.2.7 2014-02-17 DISCARD(7)

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SET SESSION AUTHORIZATION - set the session user identifier and the current user identifier of the current session SYNOPSIS
This command sets the session user identifier and the current user identifier of the current SQL-session context to be username. The user name may be written as either an identifier or a string literal. The session user identifier is valid for the duration of a connection; for example, it is possible to temporarily become an unprivileged user and later switch back to become a superuser. The session user identifier is initially set to be the (possibly authenticated) user name provided by the client. The current user identi- fier is normally equal to the session user identifier, but may change temporarily in the context of ``setuid'' functions and similar mecha- nisms. The current user identifier is relevant for permission checking. The session user identifier may be changed only if the initial session user (the authenticated user) had the superuser privilege. Other- wise, the command is accepted only if it specifies the authenticated user name. The SESSION and LOCAL modifiers act the same as for the regular SET [set(7)] command. The DEFAULT and RESET forms reset the session and current user identifiers to be the originally authenticated user name. These forms are always accepted. EXAMPLES
SELECT SESSION_USER, CURRENT_USER; current_user | session_user --------------+-------------- peter | peter SET SESSION AUTHORIZATION 'paul'; SELECT SESSION_USER, CURRENT_USER; current_user | session_user --------------+-------------- paul | paul COMPATIBILITY
SQL99 SQL99 allows some other expressions to appear in place of the literal username which are not important in practice. PostgreSQL allows iden- tifier syntax ("username"), which SQL does not. SQL does not allow this command during a transaction; PostgreSQL does not make this restriction because there is no reason to. The privileges necessary to execute this command are left implementation-defined by the stan- dard. SQL - Language Statements 2001-04-21 SET SESSION AUTHORIZATION(7)
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