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opencryptoki.conf(5) [centos man page]

OPENCRYPTOKI.CONF(5)						   openCryptoki 					      OPENCRYPTOKI.CONF(5)

opencryptoki.conf - Configuration file for pkcsslotd. DESCRIPTION
pkcsslotd uses a configuration file at "/etc"/opencryptoki.conf This is a text file that contains information used to configure pkcs#11 slots. At startup, the pkcsslotd daemon parses this file to deter- mine which slots will be made available. SYNTAX
This file is made up of slot descriptions. Each slot description is composed of a slot number, brackets and key-value pairs. slot number { key = value ... } More than one key-value pair may be used within a slot description. A key-value pair is composed of, keyword = value. The following keywords are valid: description A Description of the slot. PKCS#11v2.20 defined this as a 64-byte max character-string. stdll This keyword is used to define the name of the stdll or token library that will be used for this slot. The stdll is an available token library in opencryptoki. manufacturer This keyword is used to name the ID of the slot manufacturer. PKCS#11v2.20 defines this as a 32 byte long string. hwversion Version number of the slot's hardware, if any. The version number is composed of a major version number (the integer portion of the version) and a minor version number (the hundredths portion of the version). For example, version 1.2, major = 1, minor = 2 firmwareversion Version number of the slot's firmware, if any. The version number is composed of a major version number (the integer portion of the version) and a minor version number (the hundredths portion of the version). SEE ALSO opencryptoki(7), pkcsslotd(8), 3.0 September 2012 OPENCRYPTOKI.CONF(5)

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PKCSSLOTD(8)							   openCryptoki 						      PKCSSLOTD(8)

pkcsslotd - shared memory manager for opencryptoki DESCRIPTION
The pkcsslotd daemon manages PKCS#11 objects between PKCS#11-enabled applications. When 2 or more processes are accessing the same crypto- graphic token, the daemon is notified and updates each application when the token's objects change. NOTES
Only one instance of the pkcsslotd daemon should be running on any given host. If a prior instance of pkcsslotd did not shut down cleanly, then it may leave an allocated shared memory segment on the system. The allocated memory segment can be identified by its key and can be safely removed once the daemon is stopped with the ipcrm command, such as: ipcrm -M 0x6202AB38 The daemon creates the shared memory segment with group ownership by the pkcs11 group. All non-root users that should be able to use open- Cryptoki need to be members of the group. Only trusted users should be assigned to the group, see the "SECURITY NOTE" in the opencryp- toki(7) manual page for details. SEE ALSO
opencryptoki(7), pkcsconf(1), pk_config_data(5), pkcs11_startup(1). 3.0 May 2007 PKCSSLOTD(8)
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