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abrt.conf(5) [centos man page]

ABRT.CONF(5)							    ABRT Manual 						      ABRT.CONF(5)

abrt.conf - Configuration file for abrt. DESCRIPTION
abrt is a daemon that watches for application crashes. When a crash occurs, it collects the problem data and takes action according to its configuration. This document describes abrt's configuration file. The configuration file consists of items in the format "Option = Value". A description of each item follows: DumpLocation = directory The directory where should abrt store coredumps and all files which are needed for reporting. The default is /var/tmp/abrt. MaxCrashReportsSize = number The maximum disk space (specified in megabytes) that abrt will use for all the crash dumps. Specify a value here to ensure that the crash dumps will not fill all available storage space. The default is 1000. WatchCrashdumpArchiveDir = directory The daemon will watch this directory and call abrt-handle-upload on files which appear there. This is used to auto-unpack crashdump tarballs uploaded via ftp, scp, etc. The directory must exist and be writable for abrt. There is no default. DeleteUploaded = yes/no The daemon will delete an uploaded crashdump archive after an atempt to unpack it. An archive will be delete whether unpacking finishes successfully or not. The default value is no. SEE ALSO
abrtd(8) abrt-action-save-package-data.conf(5) abrt-handle-upload(1) AUTHORS
o ABRT team abrt 2.1.11 06/18/2014 ABRT.CONF(5)

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ABRT-DUMP-OOPS(1)						    ABRT Manual 						 ABRT-DUMP-OOPS(1)

abrt-dump-oops - Extract oops from FILE (or standard input) SYNOPSIS
abrt-dump-oops [-vusoxtm] [-d DIR]/[-D] [FILE] DESCRIPTION
This tool creates problem directory from, updates problem directory with or prints oops extracted from FILE or standard input. OPTIONS
-v, --verbose Be more verbose. Can be given multiple times. -s Log to syslog -o Print found oopses on standard output -d DIR Create new problem directory in DIR for every oops found -D Same as -d DumpLocation, DumpLocation is specified in abrt.conf -u PROBLEM Save the extracted information in PROBLEM directory -x Make the problem directory world readable. Usable only with -d/-D -t Throttle problem directory creation to 1 per second -m Print search string(s) for abrt-watch-log to stdout and exit SEE ALSO
abrt-watch-log(1), abrt.conf(5) AUTHORS
o ABRT team abrt 2.1.11 06/18/2014 ABRT-DUMP-OOPS(1)
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