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probe::socket.aio_write(3stap) [centos man page]

PROBE::SOCKET.AIO_(3stap)					   Socket Tapset					 PROBE::SOCKET.AIO_(3stap)

probe::socket.aio_write - Message send via sock_aio_write SYNOPSIS
socket.aio_write VALUES
protocol Protocol value flags Socket flags value name Name of this probe state Socket state value size Message size in bytes type Socket type value family Protocol family value CONTEXT
The message sender DESCRIPTION
Fires at the beginning of sending a message on a socket via the sock_aio_write function SystemTap Tapset Reference June 2014 PROBE::SOCKET.AIO_(3stap)

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tapset::socket(3stap)													     tapset::socket(3stap)

tapset::socket - systemtap socket tapset DESCRIPTION
This family of probe points is used to probe socket activities. socket.send Message sent on a socket. See probe::socket.send(3stap) for details. socket.receive Message received on a socket. See probe::socket.receive(3stap) for details. socket.sendmsg Message is currently being sent on a socket. See probe::socket.sendmsg(3stap) for details. socket.sendmsg.return Return from socket.sendmsg. See probe::socket.sendmsg.return(3stap) for details. socket.recvmsg Message being received on socket See probe::socket.recvmsg(3stap) for details. socket.recvmsg.return Return from Message being received on socket See probe::socket.recvmsg.return(3stap) for details. socket.aio_write Message send via sock_aio_write() See probe::socket.aio_write(3stap) for details. socket.aio_write.return Conclusion of message send via sock_aio_write() See probe::socket.aio_write.return(3stap) for details. socket.aio_read Receiving message via sock_aio_read() See probe::socket.aio_read(3stap) for details. socket.aio_read.return Conclusion of message received via sock_aio_read() See probe::socket.aio_read.return(3stap) for details. socket.writev Message sent via socket_writev() See probe::socket.writev(3stap) for details. socket.writev.return Conclusion of message sent via socket_writev() See probe::socket.writev.return(3stap) for details. socket.readv Receiving a message via sock_readv() See probe::socket.readv(3stap) for details. socket.readv.return Conclusion of receiving a message via sock_readv() See probe::socket.readv.return(3stap) for details. socket.create Creation of a socket See probe::socket.create(3stap) for details. socket.create.return Return from Creation of a socket See probe::socket.create.return(3stap) for details. socket.close Close a socket See probe::socket.close(3stap) for details. socket.close.return Return from closing a socket See probe::socket.close.return(3stap) for details. sock_prot_num2str Given a protocol number, return a string representation See function::sock_prot_num2str(3stap) for details. sock_prot_str2num Given a protocol name (string), return the corresponding protocol number See function::sock_prot_str2num(3stap) for details. sock_fam_num2str Given a protocol family number, return a string representation See function::sock_fam_num2str(3stap) for details. sock_fam_str2num Given a protocol family name (string), return the corresponding protocol family number See function::sock_fam_str2num(3stap) for details. sock_state_num2str Given a socket state number, return a string representation See function::sock_state_num2str(3stap) for details. sock_state_str2num Given a socket state string, return the corresponding state number See function::sock_state_str2num(3stap) for details. SEE ALSO
function::sock_prot_num2str(3stap), function::sock_prot_str2num(3stap), function::sock_fam_num2str(3stap), function::sock_fam_str2num(3stap), function::sock_state_num2str(3stap), function::sock_state_str2num(3stap), probe::socket.send(3stap), probe::socket.receive(3stap), probe::socket.sendmsg(3stap), probe::socket.sendmsg.return(3stap), probe::socket.recvmsg(3stap), probe::socket.recvmsg.return(3stap), probe::socket.aio_write(3stap), probe::socket.aio_write.return(3stap), probe::socket.aio_read(3stap), probe::socket.aio_read.return(3stap), probe::socket.writev(3stap), probe::socket.writev.return(3stap), probe::socket.readv(3stap), probe::socket.readv.return(3stap), probe::socket.create(3stap), probe::socket.create.return(3stap), probe::socket.close(3stap), probe::socket.close.return(3stap), stap(1), stapprobes(3stap) IBM
--- tapset::socket(3stap)
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