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XmSimpleSpinBox(library call)											     XmSimpleSpinBox(library call)

XmSimpleSpinBox -- a simple SpinBox widget class SYNOPSIS
#include <Xm/SSpinB.h> DESCRIPTION
The XmSimpleSpinBox widget is a user interface control to increment and decrement an arbitrary TextField. For example, it can be used to cycle through the months of the year or days of the month. Widget subclassing is not supported for the XmSimpleSpinBox widget class. Classes The XmSimpleSpinBox widget inherits behavior and resources from the Core, Composite and XmManager classes. The class pointer is XmSimpleSpinBoxWidgetClass. The class name is XmSimpleSpinBoxWidget. New Resources The following table defines a set of widget resources used by the application to specify data. The application can also set the resource values for the inherited classes to set attributes for this widget. To reference a resource by name or by class in a .Xdefaults file, the application must remove the XmN or XmC prefix and use the remaining letters. To specify one of the defined values for a resource in a .Xde- faults file, the application must remove the Xm prefix and use the remaining letters (in either lower case or upper case, but including any underscores between words). The codes in the access column indicate if the given resource can be set at creation time (C), set by using XtSetValues (S), retrieved by using XtGetValues (G), or is not applicable (N/A). XmSimpleSpinBox Resource Set Name Class Type Default Access XmNarrowLayout XmCArrowLayout unsigned char XmARROWS_END CSG XmNarrowSensitivity XmCArrowSensitivity unsigned char XmARROWS-_SENSITIVE CSG XmNcolumns XmCColumn short 20 CSG XmNdecimalPoints XmCDecimalPoints short 0 CSG XmNeditable XmCEditable Boolean True CSG XmNincrementValue XmCIncrementValue int 1 CSG XmNinitialDelay XmCInitialDelay unsigned int 250 CSG XmNmaximumValue XmCMaximumValue int 10 CSG XmNminimumValue XmCMinimumValue int 0 CSG XmNmodifyVerifyCallback XmCCallback XtCallbackList NULL C XmNnumValues XmCNumValues int 0 CSG XmNposition XmCPosition int 0 CSG XmNrepeatDelay XmCRepeatDelay unsigned int 200 CSG XmNspinBoxChildType XmCSpinBoxChildType unsigned char XmSTRING CG XmNtextField XmCTextField Widget dynamic G XmNvalueChangedCallback XmCCallback XtCallbackList NULL C XmNvalues XmCValues XmStringTable NULL CSG XmNarrowLayout Specifies the style and position of the SpinBox arrows. The following values are supported: XmARROWS_FLAT_BEGINNING The arrows are placed side by side to the right of the TextField. XmARROWS_FLAT_END The arrows are placed side by side to the left of the TextField. XmARROWS_SPLIT The down arrow is on the left and the up arrow is on the right of the TextField. XmARROWS_BEGINNING The arrows are stacked and placed on the left of the TextField. XmARROWS_END The arrows are stacked and placed on the right of the TextField. XmNarrowSensitivity Specifies the sensitivity of the arrows in the XmSimpleSpinBox. The following values are supported: XmARROWS_SENSITIVE Both arrows are active to user selection. XmARROWS_DECREMENT_SENSITIVE The down arrow is active and the up arrow is inactive to user selection. XmARROWS_INCREMENT_SENSITIVE The up arrow is active and the down arrow is inactive to user selection. XmARROWS_INSENSITIVE Both arrows are inactive to user selection. XmNcolumns Specifies the number of columns of the text field. XmNdecimalPoints Specifies the position of the radix character within the numeric value when XmNspinBoxChildType is XmNUMERIC. This resource is used to allow for floating point values in the XmSimpleSpinBox widget. XmNeditable Specifies whether the text field can take input. When XmNeditable is used on a widget it sets the dropsite to XmDROP_SITE_ACTIVE. XmNincrementValue Specifies the amount to increment or decrement the XmNposition when the XmNspinBoxChildType is XmNUMERIC. When the Up action is activated, the XmNincrementValue is added to the XmNposition value; when the Down action is activated, the XmNincrementValue is subtracted from the XmNposition value. When XmNspinBoxChildType is XmSTRING, this resource is ignored. XmNinitialDelay Specifies the amount of time in milliseconds before the Arrow buttons will begin to spin continuously. XmNnumValues Specifies the number of items in the XmNvalues list when the XmNspinBoxChildType resource is XmSTRING. The value of this resource must be a positive integer. The XmNnumValues is maintained by the XmSimpleSpinBox widget when items are added or deleted from the XmNvalues list. When XmNspinBoxChildType is not XmSTRING, this resource is ignored. XmNvalues Supplies the list of strings to cycle through when the XmNspinButtonChildType resource is XmSTRING. When XmNspinBoxChildType is not XmSTRING, this resource is ignored. XmNmaximumValue Specifies the upper bound on the XmSimpleSpinBox's range when XmNspinBoxChildType is XmNUMERIC. XmNminimumValue Specifies the lower bound on the XmSimpleSpinBox's range when XmNspinBoxChildType is XmNUMERIC. XmNmodifyVerifyCallback Specifies the callback to be invoked just before the XmSimpleSpinBox position changes. The application can use this callback to implement new application-related logic (including setting new position spinning to, or canceling the impending action). For example, this callback can be used to stop the spinning just before wrapping at the upper and lower position boundaries. If the application sets the doit member of the XmSimpleSpinBoxCallbackStruct to False, nothing happens. Otherwise, the position changes. Reasons sent by the callback are XmCR_SPIN_NEXT, or XmCR_SPIN_PRIOR. XmNposition The XmNposition resource has a different value based on the XmNspinBoxChildType resource. When XmNspinBoxChildType is XmSTRING, the XmNposition is the index into the XmNvalues list for the current item. When the XmNspinBoxChildType resource is XmNUMERIC, the XmNposition is the integer value of the XmSimpleSpinBox that falls within the range of XmNmaximumValue and XmNminimumValue. XmNrepeatDelay Specifies the number of milliseconds between repeated calls to the XmNvalueChangedCallback while the user is spinning the XmSim- pleSpinBox. XmNspinBoxChildType Specifies the style of the XmSimpleSpinBox. The following values are supported: XmSTRING The child is a string value that is specified through the XmNvalues resource and incremented and decremented by chang- ing the XmNposition resource. XmNUMERIC The child is a numeric value that is specified through the XmNposition resource and incremented according to the XmNin- crementValue resource. XmtextField Specifies the textfield widget. XmNvalueChangedCallback Specifies the callback to be invoked whenever the value of the XmNposition resource is changed through the use of the spinner arrows. The XmNvalueChangedCallback passes the XmSimpleSpinBoxCallbackStruct call_data structure. Inherited Resources The XmSimpleSpinBox widget inherits behavior and resources from the following named superclasses. For a complete description of each resource, see the man page for that superclass. XmManager Resource Set Name Class Type Default Access XmNbottomShadowColor XmCBottomShadowColor Pixel dynamic CSG XmNbottomShadowPixmap XmCBottomShadowPixmap Pixmap XmUNSPECIFIED_PIXMAP CSG XmNforeground XmCForeground Pixel dynamic CSG XmNhelpCallback XmCCallback XtCallbackList NULL C XmNhighlightColor XmCHighlightColor Pixel dynamic CSG XmNhighlightPixmap XmCHighlightPixmap Pixmap dynamic CSG XmNinitialFocus XmCInitialFocus Widget NULL CSG XmNnavigationType XmCNavigationType XmNavigationType dynamic CSG XmNshadowThickness XmCShadowThickness Dimension dynamic CSG XmNstringDirection XmCStringDirection XmStringDirection dynamic CG XmNtopShadowColor XmCTopShadowColor Pixel dynamic CSG XmNtopShadowPixmap XmCTopShadowPixmap Pixmap dynamic CSG XmNtraversalOn XmCTraversalOn Boolean dynamic CSG XmNunitType XmCUnitType unsigned char dynamic CSG XmNuserData XmCUserData XtPointer NULL CSG Composite Resource Set Name Class Type Default Access XmNchildren XmCReadOnly WidgetList NULL G XmNinsertPosition XmCInsertPosition XtOrderProc default procedure CSG XmNnumChildren XmCReadOnly Cardinal 0 G Core Resource Set Name Class Type Default Access XmNaccelerators XmCAccelerators XtAccelerators dynamic CSG XmNancestorSensitive XmCSensitive Boolean dynamic G XmNbackground XmCBackground Pixel dynamic CSG XmNbackgroundPixmap XmCPixmap Pixmap XmUNSPECIFIED_PIXMAP CSG XmNborderColor XmCBorderColor Pixel XtDefaultForeground CSG XmNborderPixmap XmCPixmap Pixmap XmUNSPECIFIED_PIXMAP CSG XmNborderWidth XmCBorderWidth Dimension 0 CSG XmNcolormap XmCColormap Colormap dynamic CG XmNdepth XmCDepth int dynamic CG XmNdestroyCallback XmCCallback XtCallbackList NULL C XmNheight XmCHeight Dimension dynamic CSG XmNinitialResourcesPersistent XmCInitialResourcesPersistent Boolean True C XmNmappedWhenManaged XmCMappedWhenManaged Boolean True CSG XmNscreen XmCScreen Screen * dynamic CG XmNsensitive XmCSensitive Boolean True CSG XmNtranslations XmCTranslations XtTranslations dynamic CSG XmNwidth XmCWidth Dimension dynamic CSG XmNx XmCPosition Position 0 CSG XmNy XmCPosition Position 0 CSG Callback Information A pointer to the following structure is passed to each XmSimpleSpinBox callback: typedef struct { int reason; XEvent *event; Widget widget; Boolean doit; int position; XmString value; Boolean crossed_boundary; } XmSimpleSpinBoxCallbackStruct; The reason argument indicates why the callback was invoked. There are three possible reasons for this callback to be issued. The reason is XmCR_OK when this is the first call to the callback at the beginning of a spin or if it is a single activation of the spin arrows. If the XmSimpleSpinBox is in the process of being continuously spun, then the reason will be XmCR_SPIN_NEXT or XmCR_SPIN_PRIOR, depending on the arrow that is spinning. The event argument points to the XEvent that triggered the callback. It can be NULL when the XmSimpleSpinBox is continuously spinning. The widget argument is the widget identifier for the simple spin box widget that has been affected by this callback. The doit argument is set only when the call_data comes from the XmNmodifyVerifyCallback. It indicates that the action that caused the call- back to be called should be performed. The action is not performed if doit is set to False. The position argument is the new value of the XmNposition resource as a result of the spin. The value argument is the new XmString value displayed in the Text widget as a result of the spin. The application must copy this string if it is used beyond the scope of the call_data structure. The crossed_boundary argument is True when the spinbox cycles. This is the case when a XmNspinBoxChildType of XmSTRING wraps from the first item to the last or the last item to the first. In the case of the XmNspinBoxChildType of XmNUMERIC, the boundary is crossed when the XmSimpleSpinBox cycles from the maximum value to the minimum or vice versa. ERRORS
/WARNINGS The toolkit will display a warning if the application tries to set the value of the XmNtextField resource, which is read-only (marked G in the resource table). SEE ALSO
XmSpinBox(3), XmCreateSimpleSpinBox(3), XmCreateSpinBox(3), XmSimpleSpinBoxAddItem(3), XmSimpleSpinBoxDeletePos(3), XmSimpleSpin- BoxSetItem(3), Composite(3), Core(3), XmManager(3), XmText(3), XmTextField(3), XtGetValues(3), XtSetValues(3), XmVaCreateSimpleSpinBox(3), and XmVaCreateManagedSimpleSpinBox(3). XmSimpleSpinBox(library call)
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