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Syntax::Highlight::Engine::Kate::ComponentminusPascal(3)User Contributed Perl DocumentatioSyntax::Highlight::Engine::Kate::ComponentminusPascal(3)

Syntax::Highlight::Engine::Kate::ComponentminusPascal - a Plugin for Component-Pascal syntax highlighting SYNOPSIS
require Syntax::Highlight::Engine::Kate::ComponentminusPascal; my $sh = new Syntax::Highlight::Engine::Kate::ComponentminusPascal([ ]); DESCRIPTION
Syntax::Highlight::Engine::Kate::ComponentminusPascal is a plugin module that provides syntax highlighting for Component-Pascal to the Syntax::Haghlight::Engine::Kate highlighting engine. This code is generated from the syntax definition files used by the Kate project. It works quite fine, but can use refinement and optimization. It inherits Syntax::Higlight::Engine::Kate::Template. See also there. AUTHOR
Hans Jeuken (haje <at> toneel <dot> demon <dot> nl) BUGS
Unknown. If you find any, please contact the author perl v5.16.3 2012-09-23 Syntax::Highlight::Engine::Kate::ComponentminusPascal(3)

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Syntax::Highlight::Engine::Kate::Template(3)		User Contributed Perl Documentation	      Syntax::Highlight::Engine::Kate::Template(3)

Syntax::Highlight::Engine::Kate::Template - a template for syntax highlighting plugins DESCRIPTION
Syntax::Highlight::Engine::Kate::Template is a framework to assist authors of plugin modules. All methods to provide highlighting to the Syntax::Highlight::Engine::Kate module are there, Just no syntax definitions and callbacks. An instance of Syntax::Highlight::Engine::Kate::Template should never be created, it's meant to be sub classed only. METHODS
attributes(?$attributesref?); Sets and returns a reference to the attributes hash. basecontext(?$context?); Sets and returns the basecontext instance variable. This is the context that is used when highlighting starts. captured($cap); Puts $cap in the first element of the stack, the current context. Used when the context is dynamic. capturedGet($num); Returns the $num'th element that was captured in the current context. capturedParse($string, $mode); If $mode is specified, $string should only be one character long and numeric. capturedParse will return the Nth captured element of the current context. If $mode is not specified, all occurences of %[1-9] will be replaced by the captured element of the current context. column returns the column position in the line that is currently highlighted. contextdata(\%data); Sets and returns a reference to the contextdata hash. contextInfo($context, $item); returns the value of several context options. $item can be callback, attribute, lineending, linebeginning, fallthrough. contextParse($plugin, $context); Called by the plugins after a test succeeds. if $context has following values: #pop returns to the previous context, removes to top item in the stack. Can also be specified as #pop#pop etc. #stay does nothing. ##.... Switches to the plugin specified in .... and assumes it's basecontext. .... Swtiches to the context specified in .... deliminators(?$delim?); Sets and returns a string that is a regular expression for detecting deliminators. engine Returns a reference to the Syntax::Highlight::Engine::Kate module that created this plugin. firstnonspace($string); returns true if the current line did not contain a non-spatial character so far and the first character in $string is also a spatial character. formatTable sets and returns the instance variable format_table. See also the option format_table highlight($text); highlights $text. It does so by selecting the proper callback from the commands hash and invoke it. It will do so untill $text has been reduced to an empty string. returns a paired list of snippets of text and the attribute with which they should be highlighted. highlightText($text); highlights $text and reformats it using the format_table and substitutions includePlugin($language, $text); Includes the plugin for $language in the highlighting. includeRules($language, $text); Includes the plugin for $language in the highlighting. keywordscase Sets and returns the keywordscase instance variable. lastchar return the last character that was processed. lastcharDeliminator returns true if the last character processed was a deliminator. linesegment returns the string of text in the current line that has been processed so far, linestart returns true if processing is currently at the beginning of a line. listAdd('listname', $item1, $item2 ...); Adds a list to the 'lists' hash. lists(?\%lists?); sets and returns the instance variable 'lists'. out(?@highlightedlist?); sets and returns the instance variable 'out'. parseResult($text, $match, $lookahaed, $column, $firstnonspace, $context, $attribute); Called by every one of the test methods below. If the test matches, it will do a couple of subtests. If $column is a defined numerical value it will test if the process is at the requested column. If $firnonspace is true, it will test this also. Ig it is not a look ahead and all tests are passed, $match is then parsed and removed from $$text. pluginGet($language); Returns a reference to a plugin object for the specified language. Creating an instance if needed. reset Resets the highlight engine to a fresh state, does not change the syntx. snippet Contains the current snippet of text that will have one attribute. The moment the attribute changes it will be parsed. snippetAppend($string) appends $string to the current snippet. snippetAttribute($attribute) Sets and returns the used attribute. snippetForce Forces the current snippet to be parsed. snippetParse($text, ?$attribute?) If attribute is defined and differs from the current attribute it does a snippetForce and sets the current attribute to $attribute. Then it does a snippetAppend of $text stack sets and returns the instance variable 'stack', a reference to an array stackPull retrieves the element that is on top of the stack, decrements stacksize by 1. stackPush($tagname); puts $tagname on top of the stack, increments stacksize by 1 stackTop Retrieves the element that is on top of the stack. stateCompare(@state) Compares two lists, @state and the stack. returns true if they match. stateGet Returns a list containing the entire stack. stateSet(@list) Accepts @list as the current stack. substitutions sets and returns a reference to the substitutions hash. The methods below all return a boolean value. testAnyChar($text, $string, $insensitive, $lookahaed, $column, $firstnonspace, $context, $attribute); testDetectChar($text, $char, $insensitive, $dynamic, $lookahaed, $column, $firstnonspace, $context, $attribute); testDetect2Chars($text, $char1, $char2, $insensitive, $dynamic, $lookahaed, $column, $firstnonspace, $context, $attribute); testDetectIdentifier($text, $lookahaed, $column, $firstnonspace, $context, $attribute); testDetectSpaces($text, $lookahaed, $column, $firstnonspace, $context, $attribute); testFloat($text, $lookahaed, $column, $firstnonspace, $context, $attribute); testHlCChar($text, $lookahaed, $column, $firstnonspace, $context, $attribute); testHlCHex($text, $lookahaed, $column, $firstnonspace, $context, $attribute); testHlCOct($text, $lookahaed, $column, $firstnonspace, $context, $attribute); testHlCStringChar($text, $lookahaed, $column, $firstnonspace, $context, $attribute); testInt($text, $lookahaed, $column, $firstnonspace, $context, $attribute); testKeyword($text, $list, $insensitive, $lookahaed, $column, $firstnonspace, $context, $attribute); testLineContinue($text, $lookahaed, $column, $firstnonspace, $context, $attribute); testRangeDetect($text, $char1, $char2, $insensitive, $lookahaed, $column, $firstnonspace, $context, $attribute); testRegExpr($text, $reg, $insensitive, $dynamic, $lookahaed, $column, $firstnonspace, $context, $attribute); testStringDetect($text, $string, $insensitive, $dynamic, I$lookahaed, $column, $firstnonspace, $context, $attribute); ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS
All the people who wrote Kate and the syntax highlight xml files. AUTHOR AND COPYRIGHT
This module is written and maintained by: Hans Jeuken < haje at toneel dot demon dot nl > Copyright (c) 2006 by Hans Jeuken, all rights reserved. You may freely distribute and/or modify this module under same terms as Perl itself SEE ALSO
Synax::Highlight::Engine::Kate http::// perl v5.16.3 2012-09-23 Syntax::Highlight::Engine::Kate::Template(3)
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