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papi_num_cmp_hwctrs(3) [centos man page]

PAPI_num_cmp_hwctrs(3)						       PAPI						    PAPI_num_cmp_hwctrs(3)

PAPI_num_cmp_hwctrs - Return the number of hardware counters for the specified component. SYNOPSIS
Detailed Description PAPI_num_cmp_hwctrs() returns the number of counters present in the specified component. By convention, component 0 is always the cpu. On some components, especially for CPUs, the value returned is a theoretical maximum for estimation purposes only. It might not be possible to easily create an EventSet that contains the full number of events. This can be due to a variety of reasons: 1). Some CPUs (especially Intel and POWER) have the notion of fixed counters that can only measure one thing, usually cycles. 2). Some CPUs have very explicit rules about which event can run in which counter. In this case it might not be possible to add a wanted event even if counters are free. 3). Some CPUs halve the number of counters available when running with SMT (multiple CPU threads) enabled. 4). Some operating systems 'steal' a counter to use for things such as NMI Watchdog timers. The only sure way to see if events will fit is to attempt adding events to an EventSet, and doing something sensible if an error is generated. PAPI_library_init() must be called in order for this function to return anything greater than 0. C Interface: #include <papi.h> int PAPI_num_cmp_hwctrs(int cidx ); Parameters: cidx -- An integer identifier for a component. By convention, component 0 is always the cpu component. Example * // Query the cpu component for the number of counters. * printf( * Returns: On success, this function returns a value greater than zero. A zero result usually means the library has not been initialized. Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for PAPI from the source code. Version Tue Jun 17 2014 PAPI_num_cmp_hwctrs(3)

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PAPI_reset(3)							       PAPI							     PAPI_reset(3)

PAPI_reset - Reset the hardware event counts in an event set. SYNOPSIS
Detailed Description @par C Prototype: int PAPI_reset( int EventSet ); @param EventSet an integer handle for a PAPI event set as created by PAPI_create_eventset @retval PAPI_OK @retval PAPI_ESYS A system or C library call failed inside PAPI, see the errno variable. @retval PAPI_ENOEVST The EventSet specified does not exist. PAPI_reset() zeroes the values of the counters contained in EventSet. This call assumes an initialized PAPI library and a properly added event set @par Example: int EventSet = PAPI_NULL; int Events[] = {PAPI_TOT_INS, PAPI_FP_OPS}; int ret; // Create an empty EventSet ret = PAPI_create_eventset(&EventSet); if (ret != PAPI_OK) handle_error(ret); // Add two events to our EventSet ret = PAPI_add_events(EventSet, Events, 2); if (ret != PAPI_OK) handle_error(ret); // Start counting ret = PAPI_start(EventSet); if (ret != PAPI_OK) handle_error(ret); // Stop counting, ignore values ret = PAPI_stop(EventSet, NULL); if (ret != PAPI_OK) handle_error(ret); // reset the counters in this EventSet ret = PAPI_reset(EventSet); if (ret != PAPI_OK) handle_error(ret); * See Also: PAPI_create_eventset Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for PAPI from the source code. Version Tue Jun 17 2014 PAPI_reset(3)
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