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glutgamemodeget(3) [centos man page]

glutGameModeGet -- Return the value of a game mode parameter LIBRARY
OpenGLUT - gamemode SYNOPSIS
#include <openglut.h> int glutGameModeGet(GLenum pname); PARAMETERS
pname The parameter value to be returned DESCRIPTION
pname is one of: - GLUT_GAME_MODE_ACTIVE Return non-zero if we are presently in gamemode. - GLUT_GAME_MODE_POSSIBLE Return whether the requested gamemode settings are viable. (May also actually change the mode?) Does not necessarily tell you whether entering gamemode will have any effect. - GLUT_GAME_MODE_WIDTH Return the game mode width. (in pixels) - GLUT_GAME_MODE_HEIGHT Return the game mode height. (in pixels) - GLUT_GAME_MODE_PIXEL_DEPTH Return the game mode pixel depth. (in bits) - GLUT_GAME_MODE_REFRESH_RATE Return the game mode vertical refresh frequency. (in Hz) - GLUT_GAME_MODE_DISPLAY_CHANGED Return non-zero if we are presently in gamemode. (Same as GLUT_GAME_MODE_ACTIVE.) If pname is unknown, a warning is printed and a value of -1 is returned. TODO
Documentation OpenGLUT intrepretation of GLUT_GAME_MODE_DISPLAY_CHANGED SEE ALSO
glutGameModeString(3) glutEnterGameMode(3) glutLeaveGameMode(3) glutGameModeGet(3) Epoch

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glutGameModeGet(3GLUT)						       GLUT						    glutGameModeGet(3GLUT)

glutGameModeGet - retrieves GLUT device information represented by integers. SYNTAX
int glutGameModeGet(GLenum info); ARGUMENTS
info Name of game mode information to retrieve. GLUT_GAME_MODE_ACTIVE Non-zero if GLUT's game mode is active; zero if not active. Game mode is not active initially. Game mode becomes active when glu- tEnterGameMode is called. Game mode becomes inactive when glutLeaveGameMode is called. GLUT_GAME_MODE_POSSIBLE Non-zero if the game mode string last specified to glutGameModeString is a possible game mode configuration; zero otherwise. Being "possible" does not guarantee that if game mode is entered with glutEnterGameMode that the display settings will actually changed. GLUT_GAME_MODE_DISPLAY_CHANGED should be called once game mode is entered to determine if the display mode is actually changed. GLUT_GAME_MODE_WIDTH Width in pixels of the screen when game mode is activated. GLUT_GAME_MODE_HEIGHT Height in pixels of the screen when game mode is activated. GLUT_GAME_MODE_PIXEL_DEPTH Pixel depth of the screen when game mode is activiated. GLUT_GAME_MODE_REFRESH_RATE Screen refresh rate in cyles per second (hertz) when game mode is activated. Zero is returned if the refresh rate is unknown or cannot be queried. GLUT_GAME_MODE_DISPLAY_CHANGED Non-zero if entering game mode actually changed the display settings. If the game mode string is not possible or the display mode could not be changed for any other reason, zero is returned. DESCRIPTION
glutGameModeGet retrieves GLUT game mode information represented by integers. The info parameter determines what type of game mode informa- tion to return. Requesting game mode information for an invalid GLUT game mode information name returns negative one. SEE ALSO
glutGet, glutDeviceGet, glutLayerGet, glutGameModeString, glutEnterGameMode, glutLeaveGameMode AUTHOR
Mark J. Kilgard ( GLUT
3.7 glutGameModeGet(3GLUT)
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