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Font::TTF::Glyf(3)					User Contributed Perl Documentation					Font::TTF::Glyf(3)

Font::TTF::Glyf - The Glyf data table DESCRIPTION
This is a stub table. The real data is held in the loca table. If you want to get a glyf look it up in the loca table as "$f-"{'loca'}{'glyphs'}[$num]>. It will not be here! The difference between reading this table as opposed to the loca table is that reading this table will cause updated glyphs to be written out rather than just copying the glyph information from the input file. This causes font writing to be slower. So read the glyf as opposed to the loca table if you want to change glyf data. Read the loca table only if you are just wanting to read the glyf information. This class is used when writing the glyphs though. METHODS
$t->read Reads the "loca" table instead! $t->out($fh) Writes out all the glyphs in the parent's location table, calculating a new output location for each one. $t->out_xml($context, $depth) Outputs all the glyphs in the glyph table just where they are supposed to be output! $t->XML_start($context, $tag, %attrs) Pass control to glyphs as they occur $t->XML_end($context, $tag, %attrs) Collect up glyphs and put them into the loca table BUGS
None known AUTHOR
Martin Hosken See Font::TTF::Font for copyright and licensing. perl v5.16.3 2012-02-23 Font::TTF::Glyf(3)

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Font::TTF::Coverage(3pm)				User Contributed Perl Documentation				  Font::TTF::Coverage(3pm)

Font::TTF::Coverage - Opentype coverage and class definition objects DESCRIPTION
Coverage tables and class definition objects are virtually identical concepts in OpenType. Their difference comes purely in their storage. Therefore we can say that a coverage table is a class definition in which the class definition for each glyph is the corresponding index in the coverage table. The resulting data structure is that a Coverage table has the following fields: cover A boolean to indicate whether this table is a coverage table (TRUE) or a class definition (FALSE) val A hash of glyph ids against values (either coverage index or class value) fmt The storage format used is given here, but is recalculated when the table is written out. count A count of the elements in a coverage table for use with add. Each subsequent addition is added with the current count and increments the count. METHODS
new($isCover [, vals]) Creates a new coverage table or class definition table, depending upon the value of $isCover. if $isCover then vals may be a list of glyphs to include in order. If no $isCover, then vals is a hash of glyphs against class values. read($fh) Reads the coverage/class table from the given file handle out($fh, $state) Writes the coverage/class table to the given file handle. If $state is 1 then the output string is returned rather than being output to a filehandle. $c->add($glyphid[, $class]) Adds a glyph id to the coverage table incrementing the count so that each subsequent addition has the next sequential number. Returns the index number of the glyphid added $c->signature Returns a vector of all the glyph ids covered by this coverage table or class @map=$c->sort Sorts the coverage table so that indexes are in ascending order of glyphid. Returns a map such that $map[$new_index]=$old_index. $c->out_xml($context) Outputs this coverage/class in XML AUTHOR
Martin Hosken See Font::TTF::Font for copyright and licensing. perl v5.10.1 2011-02-25 Font::TTF::Coverage(3pm)
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