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extutils::parsexs::utilities(3) [centos man page]

ExtUtils::ParseXS::Utilities(3) 			User Contributed Perl Documentation			   ExtUtils::ParseXS::Utilities(3)

ExtUtils::ParseXS::Utilities - Subroutines used with ExtUtils::ParseXS SYNOPSIS
use ExtUtils::ParseXS::Utilities qw( standard_typemap_locations trim_whitespace tidy_type C_string valid_proto_string process_typemaps make_targetable map_type standard_XS_defs assign_func_args analyze_preprocessor_statements set_cond Warn blurt death check_conditional_preprocessor_statements escape_file_for_line_directive report_typemap_failure ); SUBROUTINES
The following functions are not considered to be part of the public interface. They are documented here for the benefit of future maintainers of this module. "standard_typemap_locations()" o Purpose Provide a list of filepaths where typemap files may be found. The filepaths -- relative paths to files (not just directory paths) -- appear in this list in lowest-to-highest priority. The highest priority is to look in the current directory. 'typemap' The second and third highest priorities are to look in the parent of the current directory and a directory called lib/ExtUtils underneath the parent directory. '../typemap', '../lib/ExtUtils/typemap', The fourth through ninth highest priorities are to look in the corresponding grandparent, great-grandparent and great-great-grandparent directories. '../../typemap', '../../lib/ExtUtils/typemap', '../../../typemap', '../../../lib/ExtUtils/typemap', '../../../../typemap', '../../../../lib/ExtUtils/typemap', The tenth and subsequent priorities are to look in directories named ExtUtils which are subdirectories of directories found in @INC -- provided a file named typemap actually exists in such a directory. Example: '/usr/local/lib/perl5/5.10.1/ExtUtils/typemap', However, these filepaths appear in the list returned by "standard_typemap_locations()" in reverse order, i.e., lowest-to-highest. '/usr/local/lib/perl5/5.10.1/ExtUtils/typemap', '../../../../lib/ExtUtils/typemap', '../../../../typemap', '../../../lib/ExtUtils/typemap', '../../../typemap', '../../lib/ExtUtils/typemap', '../../typemap', '../lib/ExtUtils/typemap', '../typemap', 'typemap' o Arguments my @stl = standard_typemap_locations( @INC ); Reference to @INC. o Return Value Array holding list of directories to be searched for typemap files. "trim_whitespace()" o Purpose Perform an in-place trimming of leading and trailing whitespace from the first argument provided to the function. o Argument trim_whitespace($arg); o Return Value None. Remember: this is an in-place modification of the argument. "tidy_type()" o Purpose Rationalize any asterisks ("*") by joining them into bunches, removing interior whitespace, then trimming leading and trailing whitespace. o Arguments ($ret_type) = tidy_type($_); String to be cleaned up. o Return Value String cleaned up. "C_string()" o Purpose Escape backslashes ("") in prototype strings. o Arguments $ProtoThisXSUB = C_string($_); String needing escaping. o Return Value Properly escaped string. "valid_proto_string()" o Purpose Validate prototype string. o Arguments String needing checking. o Return Value Upon success, returns the same string passed as argument. Upon failure, returns 0. "process_typemaps()" o Purpose Process all typemap files. o Arguments my $typemaps_object = process_typemaps( $args{typemap}, $pwd ); List of two elements: "typemap" element from %args; current working directory. o Return Value Upon success, returns an ExtUtils::Typemaps object. "make_targetable()" o Purpose Populate %targetable. This constitutes a refinement of the output of "process_typemaps()" with respect to its fourth output, $output_expr_ref. o Arguments %targetable = make_targetable($output_expr_ref); Single hash reference: the fourth such ref returned by "process_typemaps()". o Return Value Hash. "map_type()" o Purpose Performs a mapping at several places inside "PARAGRAPH" loop. o Arguments $type = map_type($self, $type, $varname); List of three arguments. o Return Value String holding augmented version of second argument. "standard_XS_defs()" o Purpose Writes to the ".c" output file certain preprocessor directives and function headers needed in all such files. o Arguments None. o Return Value Returns true. "assign_func_args()" o Purpose Perform assignment to the "func_args" attribute. o Arguments $string = assign_func_args($self, $argsref, $class); List of three elements. Second is an array reference; third is a string. o Return Value String. "analyze_preprocessor_statements()" o Purpose Within each function inside each Xsub, print to the .c output file certain preprocessor statements. o Arguments ( $self, $XSS_work_idx, $BootCode_ref ) = analyze_preprocessor_statements( $self, $statement, $XSS_work_idx, $BootCode_ref ); List of four elements. o Return Value Modifed values of three of the arguments passed to the function. In particular, the "XSStack" and "InitFileCode" attributes are modified. "set_cond()" o Purpose o Arguments o Return Value "current_line_number()" o Purpose Figures out the current line number in the XS file. o Arguments $self o Return Value The current line number. "Warn()" o Purpose o Arguments o Return Value "blurt()" o Purpose o Arguments o Return Value "death()" o Purpose o Arguments o Return Value "check_conditional_preprocessor_statements()" o Purpose o Arguments o Return Value "escape_file_for_line_directive()" o Purpose Escapes a given code source name (typically a file name but can also be a command that was read from) so that double-quotes and backslashes are escaped. o Arguments A string. o Return Value A string with escapes for double-quotes and backslashes. "report_typemap_failure" o Purpose Do error reporting for missing typemaps. o Arguments The "ExtUtils::ParseXS" object. An "ExtUtils::Typemaps" object. The string that represents the C type that was not found in the typemap. Optionally, the string "death" or "blurt" to choose whether the error is immediately fatal or not. Default: "blurt" o Return Value Returns nothing. Depending on the arguments, this may call "death" or "blurt", the former of which is fatal. perl v5.16.3 2012-11-19 ExtUtils::ParseXS::Utilities(3)
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