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date::manip::lang::spanish(3) [centos man page]

Date::Manip::Lang::spanish(3)				User Contributed Perl Documentation			     Date::Manip::Lang::spanish(3)

Date::Manip::Lang::spanish - Spanish language support. SYNOPSIS
This module contains a list of words and expressions supporting the language. It is not intended to be used directly (other Date::Manip modules will load it as needed). LANGUAGE EXPRESSIONS
The following is a list of all language words and expressions used to write times and/or dates. All strings are case insensitive. Month names and abbreviations When writing out the name of the month, several different variations may exist including full names and abbreviations. The following month names may be used: Enero Febrero Marzo Abril Mayo Junio Julio Agosto Septiembre Octubre Noviembre Diciembre The following abbreviations may be used: Ene Feb Mar Abr May Jun Jul Ago Sep Oct Nov Dic Day names and abbreviations When writing out the name of the day, several different variations may exist including full names and abbreviations. The following day names may be used: Lunes Martes Miercoles Miercoles Jueves Viernes Sabado Sabado Domingo The following abbreviations may be used: Lun Mar Mie Mie Jue Vie Sab Sab Dom The following short (1-2 characters) abbreviations may be used: L Ma Mi J V S D Delta field names These are the names (and abbreviations) for the fields in a delta. There are 7 fields: years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds. The names and abbreviations for these fields are: anos a ano ano anos an~os an~o meses m mes mes semanas sem semana semana dias d dia horas hr hrs hora minutos min min minuto segundos s seg segundo Morning/afternoon times This is a list of expressions use to designate morning or afternoon time when a time is entered as a 12-hour time rather than a 24-hour time. For example, in English, the time "17:00" could be specified as "5:00 PM". Morning and afternoon time may be designated by the following sets of words: AM A.M. PM P.M. Each or every There are a list of words that specify every occurence of something. These are used in the following phrases: EACH Monday EVERY Monday EVERY month The following words may be used: cada Next/Previous/Last occurence There are a list of words that may be used to specify the next, previous, or last occurence of something. These words could be used in the following phrases: NEXT week LAST tuesday PREVIOUS tuesday LAST day of the month The following words may be used: Next occurence: siguiente Previous occurence: anterior Last occurence: ultimo ultimo Delta words for going forward/backward in time When parsing deltas, there are words that may be used to specify the the delta will refer to a time in the future or to a time in the past (relative to some date). In English, for example, you might say: IN 5 days 5 days AGO The following words may be used to specify deltas that refer to dates in the past or future respectively: hace en later Business mode This contains two lists of words which can be used to specify a standard (i.e. non-business) delta or a business delta. Previously, it was used to tell whether the delta was approximate or exact, but now this list is not used except to force the delta to be standard. The following words may be used: exactamente aproximadamente The following words may be used to specify a business delta: laborales Numbers Numbers may be spelled out in a variety of ways. The following sets correspond to the numbers from 1 to 53: 1o 1a uno una primero primera 2o 2a dos segundo segunda 3o 3a tres tercero tercera 4o 4a cuatro cuarto cuarta 5o 5a cinco quinto quinta 6o 6a seis sexto sexta 7o 7a siete septimo septima septimo septima 8o 8a ocho octavo octava 9o 9a nueve noveno novena 10o 10a diez decimo decima decimo decima 11o 11a once undecimo undecimo decimo primero decimo primera decimo primero decimo primera 12o 12a doce decimo segundo decimo segunda decimo segundo decimo segunda 13o 13a trece decimo tercero decimo tercera decimo tercero decimo tercera 14o 14a catorce decimo cuarto decimo cuarta decimo cuarto decimo cuarta 15o 15a quince decimo quinto decimo quinta decimo quinto decimo quinta 16o 16a dieciseis dieciseis decimo sexto decimo sexta decimo sexto decimo sexta 17o 17a diecisiete decimo septimo decimo septima decimo septimo decimo septima 18o 18a dieciocho decimo octavo decimo octava decimo octavo decimo octava 19o 19a diecinueve decimo noveno decimo novena decimo noveno decimo novena 20o 20a veinte vigesimo vigesima vigesimo vigesima 21o 21a veintiuno veintiuna veintiun vigesimo primero vigesimo primera vigesimo primero vigesimo primera 22o 22a veintidos veintidos vigesimo segundo vigesimo segunda vigesimo segundo vigesimo segunda 23o 23a veintitres veintitres vigesimo tercero vigesimo tercera vigesimo tercero vigesimo tercera 24o 24a veinticuatro vigesimo cuarto vigesimo cuarta vigesimo cuarto vigesimo cuarta 25o 25a veinticinco vigesimo quinto vigesimo quinta vigesimo quinto vigesimo quinta 26o 26a veintiseis veintiseis vigesimo sexto vigesimo sexta vigesimo sexto vigesimo sexta 27o 27a veintisiete vigesimo septimo vigesimo septima vigesimo septimo vigesimo septima 28o 28a veintiocho vigesimo octavo vigesimo octava vigesimo octavo vigesimo octava 29o 29a veintinueve vigesimo noveno vigesimo novena vigesimo noveno vigesimo novena 30o 30a treinta trigesimo trigesima trigesimo trigesima 31o 31a treinta y uno treinta y una trigesimo primero trigesimo primera trigesimo primero trigesimo primera 32o 32a treinta y dos trigesimo segundo trigesimo segundo trigesimo segunda trigesimo segunda 33o 33a treinta y tres trigesimo tercero trigesimo tercero trigesimo tercera trigesimo tercera 34o 34a treinta y cuatro trigesimo cuarto trigesimo cuarto trigesimo cuarta trigesimo cuarta 35o 35a treinta y cinco trigesimo quinto trigesimo quinto trigesimo quinta trigesimo quinta 36o 36a treinta y seis trigesimo sexto trigesimo sexto trigesimo sexta trigesimo sexta 37o 37a treinta y siete trigesimo septimo trigesimo septimo trigesimo septima trigesimo septima 38o 38a treinta y ocho trigesimo octavo trigesimo octavo trigesimo octava trigesimo octava 39o 39a treinta y nueve trigesimo noveno trigesimo noveno trigesimo novena trigesimo novena 40o 40a cuarenta cuadragesimo cuadragesimo cuadragesima cuadragesima 41o 41a cuarenta y uno cuarenta y una cuadragesimo primero cuadragesimo primera cuadragesimo primero cuadragesimo primera 42o 42a cuarenta y dos cuadragesimo segundo cuadragesimo segundo cuadragesimo segunda cuadragesimo segunda 43o 43a cuarenta y tres cuadragesimo tercero cuadragesimo tercero cuadragesimo tercera cuadragesimo tercera 44o 44a cuarenta y cuatro cuadragesimo cuarto cuadragesimo cuarto cuadragesimo cuarta cuadragesimo cuarta 45o 45a cuarenta y cinco cuadragesimo quinto cuadragesimo quinto cuadragesimo quinta cuadragesimo quinta 46o 46a cuarenta y seis cuadragesimo sexto cuadragesimo sexto cuadragesimo sexta cuadragesimo sexta 47o 47a cuarenta y siete cuadragesimo septimo cuadragesimo septimo cuadragesimo septima cuadragesimo septima 48o 48a cuarenta y ocho cuadragesimo octavo cuadragesimo octavo cuadragesimo octava cuadragesimo octava 49o 49a cuarenta y nueve cuadragesimo noveno cuadragesimo noveno cuadragesimo novena cuadragesimo novena 50o 50a cincuenta quincuagesimo quincuagesima quincuagesimo quincuagesima 51o 51a cincuenta y uno cincuenta y una quincuagesimo primero quincuagesimo primera quincuagesimo primero quincuagesimo primera 52o 52a cincuenta y dos quincuagesimo segundo quincuagesimo segundo quincuagesimo segunda quincuagesimo segunda 53o 53a cincuenta y tres quincuagesimo tercero quincuagesimo tercero quincuagesimo tercera quincuagesimo tercera Ignored words In writing out dates in common forms, there are a number of words that are typically not important. There is frequently a word that appears in a phrase to designate that a time is going to be specified next. In English, you would use the word AT in the example: December 3 at 12:00 The following words may be used: a Another word is used to designate one member of a set. In English, you would use the words IN or OF: 1st day OF December 1st day IN December The following words may be used: en de Another word is use to specify that something is on a certain date. In English, you would use ON: ON July 5th The following words may be used: el Words that set the date, time, or both There are some words that can be used to specify a date, a time, or both relative to now. Words that set the date are similar to the English words 'yesterday' or 'tomorrow'. These are specified as a delta which is added to the current time to get a date. The time is NOT set however, so the delta is only partially used (it should only include year, month, week, and day fields). The following words may be used: Hoy 0:0:0:0:0:0:0 ayer -0:0:0:1:0:0:0 manana +0:0:0:1:0:0:0 Words that set only the time of day are similar to the English words 'noon' or 'midnight'. The following words may be used: medianoche 00:00:00 mediodia 12:00:00 Words that set the entire time and date (relative to the current time and date) are also available. In English, the word 'now' is one of these. The following words may be used: Ahora 0:0:0:0:0:0:0 Hour/Minute/Second separators When specifying the time of day, the most common separator is a colon (:) which can be used for both separators. Some languages use different pairs. For example, French allows you to specify the time as 13h30:20, so it would use the following pairs: : : [h] [:] The first column is the hour-minute separator and the second column is the minute-second separator. Both are perl regular expressions. A pair of colons is ALWAY allowed for all languages. If a language allows additional pairs, they are listed here: Not defined in this language KNOWN BUGS
Please refer to the Date::Manip::Problems documentation for information on submitting bug reports or questions to the author. SEE ALSO
Date::Manip - main module documentation LICENSE
This script is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. AUTHOR
Sullivan Beck ( perl v5.16.3 2014-06-09 Date::Manip::Lang::spanish(3)
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