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sdl_cdplaytracks(3) [centos man page]

SDL_CDPlayTracks(3)						 SDL API Reference					       SDL_CDPlayTracks(3)

SDL_CDPlayTracks - Play the given CD track(s) SYNOPSIS
#include "SDL.h" int SDL_CDPlayTracks(SDL_CD *cdrom, int start_track, int start_frame, int ntracks, int nframes)); DESCRIPTION
SDL_CDPlayTracks plays the given CD starting at track start_track, for ntracks tracks. start_frame is the frame offset, from the beginning of the start_track, at which to start. nframes is the frame offset, from the beginning of the last track (start_track+ntracks), at which to end playing. SDL_CDPlayTracks should only be called after calling SDL_CDStatus to get track information about the CD. Note: Data tracks are ignored. RETURN VALUE
Returns 0, or -1 if there was an error. EXAMPLES
/* assuming cdrom is a previously opened device */ /* Play the entire CD */ if(CD_INDRIVE(SDL_CDStatus(cdrom))) SDL_CDPlayTracks(cdrom, 0, 0, 0, 0); /* Play the first track */ if(CD_INDRIVE(SDL_CDStatus(cdrom))) SDL_CDPlayTracks(cdrom, 0, 0, 1, 0); /* Play first 15 seconds of the 2nd track */ if(CD_INDRIVE(SDL_CDStatus(cdrom))) SDL_CDPlayTracks(cdrom, 1, 0, 0, CD_FPS*15); SEE ALSO
Tue 11 Sep 2001, 22:58 SDL_CDPlayTracks(3)

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SDL_CDOpen(3)							 SDL API Reference						     SDL_CDOpen(3)

SDL_CDOpen - Opens a CD-ROM drive for access. SYNOPSIS
#include "SDL.h" SDL_CD *SDL_CDOpen(int drive); DESCRIPTION
Opens a CD-ROM drive for access. It returns a SDL_CD structure on success, or NULL if the drive was invalid or busy. This newly opened CD- ROM becomes the default CD used when other CD functions are passed a NULL CD-ROM handle. Drives are numbered starting with 0. Drive 0 is the system default CD-ROM. EXAMPLES
SDL_CD *cdrom; int cur_track; int min, sec, frame; SDL_Init(SDL_INIT_CDROM); atexit(SDL_Quit); /* Check for CD drives */ if(!SDL_CDNumDrives()){ /* None found */ fprintf(stderr, "No CDROM devices available "); exit(-1); } /* Open the default drive */ cdrom=SDL_CDOpen(0); /* Did if open? Check if cdrom is NULL */ if(!cdrom){ fprintf(stderr, "Couldn't open drive: %s ", SDL_GetError()); exit(-1); } /* Print Volume info */ printf("Name: %s ", SDL_CDName(0)); printf("Tracks: %d ", cdrom->numtracks); for(cur_track=0;cur_track < cdrom->numtracks; cur_track++){ FRAMES_TO_MSF(cdrom->track[cur_track].length, &min, &sec, &frame); printf(" Track %d: Length %d:%d ", cur_track, min, sec); } SDL_CDClose(cdrom); SEE ALSO
Tue 11 Sep 2001, 22:58 SDL_CDOpen(3)
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