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RADLAST(1)							 FreeRADIUS Daemon							RADLAST(1)

radlast - show "last" info from the radwtmp file SYNOPSIS
radlast [options] DESCRIPTION
The FreeRADIUS server can write an accounting log in the wtmp format of the local system. radlast is a frontend for the systems last com- mand - it just calls last with the -f path_to_radwtmp_file argument, and passes all options on the command line to the system last command. OPTIONS
See the manpage of the system last command. SEE ALSO
radiusd(8), radiusd.conf(5), wtmp(5), last(1). AUTHOR
Miquel van Smoorenburg, 22 February 2001 RADLAST(1)

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RADLAST(1)							Yard Radius Manual							RADLAST(1)

radlast - lists last users access and stats SYNOPSIS
radlast [ -chbx ] [ -a acct_dir ] [ -f file ] [ -F format_string ] [ -H format_string ] [ -m month ] [ -u user ] [ -y year ] DESCRIPTION
This program gives a detailed list of last accesses for one or more users. It does not collect statistical information. It's a fast and compact dumper of the traditional `detail' files of Livingston's Radius. It's output is in some way similar to that of the Unix command `last' but also high-customizable (see FORMATS section below). OPTIONS
-a acct_dir Sets the accounting files directory prefix, instead of the default one, which is /usr/logs -b Uses a single-row brief output format. -c Shows records in cronological order. -f file Uses this radlast logfile instead of the default stdout. -h Prints out usage of the command. -F -H format_string Define customized formats for output rows and the header. See FORMATS section below. -m month Reports statistics for month month where month is in the range 1-12. -y year Reports statistics for year year that is a four digits number. -x Shows extedend information (include traffic and phone CLIs) FORMATS
radlast does allow the user to have a customized output format with the `-F' command line option (see above). The program accepts and out- puts any character in a format string and parse it to find some %-prefixed one-letter tokens. Those `a la' printf tokens are substituted with corresponding entry values. Normal C substitution are performed for \, , , and \%. The list of legal % tokens follows, any oher combination is parsed and ignored. Token Value ----------------------------------------- %l Username %p Port ID %a NAS ip address %k Port type %c Client ip address %d Date in ctime format %t Online time in secs %T Online time in HH:MM:SS format %i Input traffic in bytes %I Input traffic in KBytes %o Output traffic in bytes %O Output traffic in KBytes %m Total traffic in bytes %M Total traffic in KBytes %s Input speed in bps (or UNKNOWN) %S Output speed in bps (or UNKNOWN) %A NAS called id (or UNKNOWN) %# Client calling id (or UNKNOWN) %% literal '%' FILES
/usr/logs/YEAR/radlast-XX These are the files which constitutes the radlast database. They are in binary not-indexed format and functionally equivalent to the text files `detail-XX'. The main difference is that detail files are organized on a per client base. See below. /usr/logs/NAS/YEAR/detail-XX These text files stores accounting information for every access server (NAS) listed in the clients file. Each user session is iden- tified by a unique session-id and these accounting files store start/stop records for every single authenticated session. Informa- tion stored in those records, but for a group of standard ones, strictly depend on the NAS model and operating system. BUGS
The -x option apparently is not working. SEE ALSO
builddbm(8), radiusd(8), radlist(1), radtest(1), radwatch(1), radius_attributes(5), AUTHOR
Francesco Paolo Lovergine <>. A complete list of contributors is contained in CREDITS file. You should get that file among other ones within your distribution and pos- sibly installed under /usr/docs directory COPYRIGHT
Copyright (C) 1997 Cristian Gafton. All rights reserved. Copyright (C) 1999-2004 Francesco Paolo Lovergine. All rights reserved. See the LICENSE file enclosed within this software for conditions of use and distribution. This is a pure ISO BSD Open Source License . 1.1 Aug 25, 2004 RADLAST(1)
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