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find-repos-of-install(1) [centos man page]

find-repos-of-install(1)												  find-repos-of-install(1)

find-repos-of-install - report which Yum repository a package was installed from SYNOPSIS
find-repos-of-install [options] package1 [package2...] DESCRIPTION
find-repos-of-install is a program which reports the Yum repository that a specified package was installed from. OPTIONS
--version Report program version and exit. -h, --help Display a help message, and then quit. --repoid=REPOID Specify repo ids to query, can be specified multiple times (default is all enabled). --enablerepo=ENABLEREPOS In addition to the default set, query the given additional repository, even if it is disabled in YUM configuration. Can be used multiple times. --disablerepo=DISABLEREPOS Do not query the given repository, even if it is enabled in YUM configuration. Can be used multiple times. --repofrompath=REPOID,PATH/URL Specify a path or url to a repository (same path as in a baseurl) to add to the repositories for this query. This option can be used multiple times. If you want to view only the pkgs from this repository combine this with --repoid. The repoid for the repository is specified by REPOID. -C, --cache Tells repoquery to run entirely from YUM cache - does not download any metadata or update the cache. Queries in this mode can fail or give partial/incorrect results if the cache isn't fully populated beforehand with eg "yum makecache". --tempcache Use a temp dir for storing/accessing yum-cache. --sync2yumdb Sync anything that is found to the yumdb, if available. SEE ALSO
yum.conf (5) AUTHORS
See the Authors file included with this program. 13 January 2013 find-repos-of-install(1)

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debuginfo-install(1)													      debuginfo-install(1)

debuginfo-install - install debuginfo packages and their dependencies SYNOPSIS
debuginfo-install package DESCRIPTION
debuginfo-install is a program which installs the RPMs needed to debug the specified package. The package argument can be a wildcard, but will only match installed packages. debuginfo-install will then enable any debuginfo repositories, and install the relevant debuginfo rpm. EXAMPLES
Download and install all the RPMs needed to debug the kernel RPM: debuginfo-install kernel WARNING MESSAGES
Could not find debuginfo for: You may sometimes see warning messages about certain packages not being found if you run debuginfo-install for a wildcard or glob. Debuginfo packages are not necessary for "noarch" RPMs; these will generate a warning message. Additionally, On 64-bit systems, no multilib debuginfo packages are published, so if you have 32-bit packages installed, these will also generate warning messages. FILES
As debuginfo-install uses YUM libraries for retrieving all the information, it relies on YUM configuration for its default values like which repositories to use. Consult YUM documentation for details: /etc/yum.conf /etc/yum/repos.d/ /var/cache/yum/ SEE ALSO
yum.conf (5) AUTHORS
See the Authors file included with this program. BUGS
There are of course no bugs, but should you find any, you should first consult the FAQ section on and if unsuccessful in finding a resolution contact the mailing list: To file a bug use for Fedora/RHEL/Centos related bugs and for all other bugs. James Antill 21 October 2008 debuginfo-install(1)
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