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VOIKKOSPELL(1)						      General Commands Manual						    VOIKKOSPELL(1)

voikkospell - test program for Voikko spell checker SYNOPSIS
voikkospell [options] DESCRIPTION
voikkospell is a test program for spell checking functionality in libvoikko, library of Finnish language tools. It reads words from stdin (one word on a line) and print them to stdout, adding "C: " in front of correct words and "W: " in front of incorrect words. Common options of different Voikko test programs are listed in COMMON OPTIONS. OPTIONS
-m In addition to spelling result, prints morphological analysis info (A:) for recognized words. -M Prints morphological analysis info (A:) for recognized words without displaying spelling result. -t Prints only "C" or "W" instead of typical full output. -tt Prints only misspelled words. -s Prints suggestions (S:) for incorrectly spelled words. -cn Set cache size parameter to n. -1 disables the cache and 0 is the default. For checking large amounts of unsorted text you may want to set n to 5 to get better performance. -j n Use n threads for spell checking. When more than one thread is used checking is performed using large internal buffers which is why this mode should only be used for batch processing. -xc Like voikkospell -s but output is printed on one line separated by character c without "C", "W" or "S" in front of the words. If c is not defined words are separated by space and suggestions that have spaces in them are not printed. -l Prints a list of available dictionary variants and exits. The first variant is the default to be used when no specific variant has been requested. ignore_nonwords=n accept_first_uppercase=n accept_extra_hyphens=n accept_missing_hyphens=n ocr_suggestions=n Set the value of the specified boolean option. n can be either 0 (false) or 1 (true). COMMON OPTIONS
-p directory (voikkospell, voikkohyphenate, voikkogc) Look from directory before the standard locations when searching for dictionary files. -d variant (voikkospell, voikkohyphenate, voikkogc) Use dictionary variant variant instead of the default dictionary variant. The variant must be represented as a BCP 47 language tag. ignore_dot=n (voikkospell, voikkohyphenate) ignore_numbers=n (voikkospell, voikkohyphenate) Set the value of the specified boolean option. n can be either 0 (false) or 1 (true). -h, --help Print a help message and exit. --version Print version numbers for libvoikko and the test tool. AUTHOR
voikkospell and this manual page were written by Harri Pitkanen ( 2012-02-27 VOIKKOSPELL(1)

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PSPELL_NEW(3)								 1							     PSPELL_NEW(3)

pspell_new - Load a new dictionary

int pspell_new (string $language, [string $spelling], [string $jargon], [string $encoding], [int $mode]) DESCRIPTION
pspell_new(3) opens up a new dictionary and returns the dictionary link identifier for use in other pspell functions. For more information and examples, check out inline manual pspell website: PARAMETERS
o $language - The language parameter is the language code which consists of the two letter ISO 639 language code and an optional two letter ISO 3166 country code after a dash or underscore. o $spelling - The spelling parameter is the requested spelling for languages with more than one spelling such as English. Known values are 'american', 'british', and 'canadian'. o $jargon - The jargon parameter contains extra information to distinguish two different words lists that have the same language and spell- ing parameters. o $encoding - The encoding parameter is the encoding that words are expected to be in. Valid values are 'utf-8', 'iso8859-*', 'koi8-r', 'viscii', 'cp1252', 'machine unsigned 16', 'machine unsigned 32'. This parameter is largely untested, so be careful when using. o $mode - The mode parameter is the mode in which spellchecker will work. There are several modes available: o PSPELL_FAST - Fast mode (least number of suggestions) o PSPELL_NORMAL - Normal mode (more suggestions) o PSPELL_BAD_SPELLERS - Slow mode (a lot of suggestions) o PSPELL_RUN_TOGETHER - Consider run-together words as legal compounds. That is, "thecat" will be a legal compound, although there should be a space between the two words. Changing this setting only affects the results returned by pspell_check(3); pspell_suggest(3) will still return suggestions. Mode is a bitmask constructed from different constants listed above. However, PSPELL_FAST, PSPELL_NORMAL and PSPELL_BAD_SPELLERS are mutually exclusive, so you should select only one of them. RETURN VALUES
Returns the dictionary link identifier on success or FALSE on failure. EXAMPLES
Example #1 pspell_new(3) <?php $pspell_link = pspell_new("en", "", "", "", (PSPELL_FAST|PSPELL_RUN_TOGETHER)); ?> PHP Documentation Group PSPELL_NEW(3)
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