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LOGRESOLVE(1)							    logresolve							     LOGRESOLVE(1)

logresolve - Resolve IP-addresses to hostnames in Apache log files SYNOPSIS
logresolve [ -s filename ] [ -c ] < access_log > SUMMARY
logresolve is a post-processing program to resolve IP-addresses in Apache's access logfiles. To minimize impact on your nameserver, logre- solve has its very own internal hash-table cache. This means that each IP number will only be looked up the first time it is found in the log file. Takes an Apache log file on standard input. The IP addresses must be the first thing on each line and must be separated from the remainder of the line by a space. OPTIONS
-s filename Specifies a filename to record statistics. -c This causes logresolve to apply some DNS checks: after finding the hostname from the IP address, it looks up the IP addresses for the hostname and checks that one of these matches the original address. Apache HTTP Server 2012-01-09 LOGRESOLVE(1)

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IP2HOST(1)						User Contributed Perl Documentation						IP2HOST(1)

ip2host - Resolves IPs to hostnames in web server logs SYNOPSIS
ip2host [OPTIONS] [cache_file] < infile > outfile infile - Web server log file. outfile - Same as input file, but with IPs resolved to hostnames. Options: --children=... Number of child processes to spawn (default: 40) --timeout=... Seconds to wait on DNS response (default: 20) --buffer=... Maximum number of log lines to keep in memory (default: 50000) --flush=... Number of lines to process before flushing output buffer (default: 500) --cache=... Filename to use as disk cache (default: none) --ttl=... Number of seconds before IPs cached on disk are expired (default: 604800 - One week) DESCRIPTION
This is a faster, drop-in replacement for the logresolve utility distributed with the Apache web server. It's been reported to work under Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, Tru64, and IRIX. AUTHOR
Maurice Aubrey <> Based on the script by Rob Hartill. COPYRIGHT
Copyright 1999-2007, Maurice Aubrey <>. This module is free software; you may redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. README
Resolves IPs to hostnames in web server logs. This is a faster, drop-in replacement for the logresolve utility distributed with the Apache web server. SCRIPT CATEGORIES
Web perl v5.14.2 2012-02-15 IP2HOST(1)
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