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kateenc(1) [centos man page]

KATEENC(1)                                                            libkate                                                           KATEENC(1)

kateenc - create Kate streams from text input SYNOPSIS
kateenc [-hVM] [-o outfile] [-l language] [-c category] [-s serial] [-C tag=value] [-R threshold] [-K threshold] -t filetype [ infile ] DESCRIPTION
kateenc creates Kate streams from input files (SubRip SRT subtitles, LRC lyrics, and libkate's custom description language). When saved to an Ogg stream (the default behavior), a Kate stream may then be merged with other Ogg streams (eg, a Theora video) using the oggz tools. OPTIONS
-h Show command line help. -V Show version information. -M Allow simple HTML-like markup in SRT files. If this parameter is used, strings such as "<i>" will be interpreted to mean italics, rather than appear as such. Note that various players interpret a slightly different set of HTML tags, and some do not. -o outfile Write the output Kate stream to the given file name (writes to stdout if not specified). -l language Sets the language for the stream (default is the language specified in the input, or none). -c category Sets the category for the stream (default is the category specified in the input, or none). -s serial Sets the serial number for the output Kate stream (does not apply to raw streams). -C tag=value Adds a comment to encode into the output Kate stream. The comment must be of the form tag=value, and comply with the Vorbis comment rules (eg, tag is composed of a particular subset of ASCII characters, and value is valid UTF-8). Note that you might have to escape or quote the comment for it to be seen as a single command line parameter. -t filetype Specifies the type of the input (srt, lrc, kate) -R threshold Use repeat packets, with the given threshold (in seconds). Data packets will be repeated at intervals of roughly threshold seconds, while active. -K threshold Use keepalive packets, with the given threshold (in seconds). Keepalive packets will be emitted when no other packet has been emit- ted for roughly threshold seconds. EXAMPLES
Create a Kate stream for Welsh subtitles from a SubRip file: kateenc -t srt -l cy -c SUB -o output.ogg SEE ALSO
katedec(1), katalyzer(1) libkate 0.4.1 13 october 2010 KATEENC(1)

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KATEDJ(1)							      libkate								 KATEDJ(1)

KateDJ - edits and remixes Kate streams in Ogg SYNOPSIS
KateDJ allows extracting Kate tracks embedded in an Ogg stream, editing them, and rebuilding the Ogg stream after the Kate tracks are modi- fied. KateDJ is a simple GUI program, so usage is UI driven, rather than command line driven. This is a walkthrough of the usual program flow: Select 'Load Ogg stream' to select the Ogg file you want to remix. Select 'Demux file' to extract Kate streams from this file to a temporary directory. Depending on the size of the Ogg file, that step may take a while. A message will then tell you where the temporary files have been placed. All Kate streams will be decoded to a text description and placed in this temporary directory, and a list of them, along with their serial number, language, and category, will be displayed in a list. Those files may then be edited at will, either in the embedded editor by double clicking on the stream in the supplied list, or with your favorite text editor. Any modification may be done, including removing some of those files altogether, or even adding some. However, in order to be recognized, any new files must be named according to the same naming convention as the existing ones. Once the desired modifications are done, select 'Remux file from parts' to attempt to recreate the Ogg stream. If any error occurs (eg, syntax error in the Kate files), a message will inform you. Once the errors are fixed, select 'Remux file from parts' again, until the operation succeeds. The embedded editor can test a modified stream, so it more convenient for quick modifications, while your editor of choice may be more pow- erful for complex modification. OPTIONS
-h Show command line help. -V Show version information. SEE ALSO
katedec(1), kateenc(1), katalyzer(1) libkate 0.4.1 18 august 2009 KATEDJ(1)

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