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UUCLEAN(8)									       UUCLEAN(8)

       uuclean - uucp spool directory clean-up

       /etc/uucp/uuclean [ -m ] [ -ntime ] [ -ppre ]

       Uuclean	will  scan the spool directory for files with the specified prefix and delete all
       those which are older than the specified number of hours.

       The following options are available.

       -ppre   Scan for files with pre as the file prefix.  Up to 10 -p arguments may  be  speci-

       -ntime  Files whose age is more than time hours will be deleted if the prefix test is sat-
	       isfied.	(default time is 72 hours)

       -m      Send mail to the owner of the file when it is deleted.

	       Only the specified subdirectory will be cleaned.

       This program will typically be run daily by cron(8).

       /usr/spool/uucp	     Spool directory

       uucp(1), uux(1), uucico(8)

4.2 Berkeley Distribution		 October 23, 1996			       UUCLEAN(8)
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