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uuclean(8) [bsd man page]

UUCLEAN(8)						      System Manager's Manual							UUCLEAN(8)

uuclean - uucp spool directory clean-up SYNOPSIS
/etc/uucp/uuclean [ -m ] [ -ntime ] [ -ppre ] DESCRIPTION
Uuclean will scan the spool directory for files with the specified prefix and delete all those which are older than the specified number of hours. The following options are available. -ppre Scan for files with pre as the file prefix. Up to 10 -p arguments may be specified. -ntime Files whose age is more than time hours will be deleted if the prefix test is satisfied. (default time is 72 hours) -m Send mail to the owner of the file when it is deleted. -dsubdirectory Only the specified subdirectory will be cleaned. This program will typically be run daily by cron(8). FILES
/usr/spool/uucp Spool directory SEE ALSO
uucp(1), uux(1), uucico(8) 4.2 Berkeley Distribution October 23, 1996 UUCLEAN(8)

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UUXQT(8)						      System Manager's Manual							  UUXQT(8)

uuxqt - UUCP execution file interpreter SYNOPSIS
/usr/libexec/uuxqt [ -xdebug ] DESCRIPTION
Uuxqt interprets execution files created on a remote system via uux(1) and transferred to the local system via uucico(8). When a user uses uux to request remote command execution, it is uuxqt that actually executes the command. Normally, uuxqt is forked from uucico to process queued execution files; for debugging, it may also be run manually by the UUCP administrator. Uuxqt runs in its own subdirectory, /usr/spool/uucp/XTMP. It copies intermediate files to this directory when necessary. FILES
/etc/uucp/L.cmds Remote command permissions list /etc/uucp/USERFILE Remote directory tree permissions list /usr/spool/uucp/LOGFILE UUCP system activity log /usr/spool/uucp/LCK/LCK.XQT Uuxqt lock file /usr/spool/uucp/X./ Incoming execution file directory /usr/spool/uucp/XTMP Uuxqt running directory SEE ALSO
uucp(1), uux(1), L.cmds(5), USERFILE(5), uucico(8) 4.3 Berkeley Distribution October 23, 1996 UUXQT(8)
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