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TFTPD(8)										 TFTPD(8)

       tftpd - DARPA Trivial File Transfer Protocol server

       tftpd [ directory ... ]

       Tftpd  is  a  server  which  supports  the DARPA Trivial File Transfer Protocol.  The TFTP
       server operates at the port indicated  in  the  ``tftp''  service  description;	see  ser-
       vices(5).  The server is normally started by inetd(8).

       The  use of tftp does not require an account or password on the remote system.  Due to the
       lack of authentication information, tftpd will allow only publicly readable  files  to  be
       accessed.   Files  may  be  written  only if they already exist and are publicly writable.
       Note that this extends the concept of ``public'' to include all users on  all  hosts  that
       can  be	reached  through the network; this may not be appropriate on all systems, and its
       implications should be considered before enabling tftp service.	The  server  should  have
       the user ID with the lowest possible privilege.

       Access  to files may be restricted by invoking tftpd with a list of directories by includ-
       ing pathnames as server program arguments in /etc/inetd.conf.   In  this  case  access  is
       restricted to files whose names are prefixed by the one of the given directories.

       tftp(1), inetd(8)

4.2 Berkeley Distribution		  June 24, 1990 				 TFTPD(8)
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