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BSD 2.11 - man page for swapon (bsd section 8)

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SWAPON(8)										SWAPON(8)

       swapon - specify additional device for paging and swapping

       swapon -a
       swapon name ...

       Swapon  is  used  to  specify  additional devices on which paging and swapping are to take
       place.  The system begins by swapping and paging on only a single device so that only  one
       disk  is  required at bootstrap time.  Calls to swapon normally occur in the system multi-
       user initialization file /etc/rc making all swap devices available, so that the paging and
       swapping activity is interleaved across several devices.

       Normally,  the  -a argument is given, causing all devices marked as ``sw'' swap devices in
       /etc/fstab to be made available.

       The second form gives individual block devices as given in the system  swap  configuration
       table.  The call makes only this space available to the system for swap allocation.

       swapon(2), init(8)

       /dev/[ru][pk]?b	   normal paging devices

       There  is no way to stop paging and swapping on a device.  It is therefore not possible to
       make use of devices which may be dismounted during system operation.

       swapon is not implemented in 2.11BSD.

4th Berkeley Distribution		November 17, 1996				SWAPON(8)
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