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SWAPON(2)										SWAPON(2)

       swapon - add a swap device for interleaved paging/swapping

       char *special;

       Swapon  makes  the  block device special available to the system for allocation for paging
       and swapping.  The names of potentially available devices are  known  to  the  system  and
       defined	at system configuration time.  The size of the swap area on special is calculated
       at the time the device is first made available for swapping.

       If an error has occurred, a value of -1 is returned and	errno  is  set	to  indicate  the

       Swapon succeeds unless:

       [ENOTDIR]      A component of the path prefix is not a directory.

       [EINVAL]       The pathname contains a character with the high-order bit set.

       [ENAMETOOLONG] A  component  of a pathname exceeded 255 characters, or an entire path name
		      exceeded 1023 characters.

       [ENOENT]       The named device does not exist.

       [EACCES]       Search permission is denied for a component of the path prefix.

       [ELOOP]	      Too many symbolic links were encountered in translating the pathname.

       [EPERM]	      The caller is not the super-user.

       [ENOTBLK]      Special is not a block device.

       [EBUSY]	      The device specified by special has already been made available  for  swap-

       [EINVAL]       The  device  configured  by special was not configured into the system as a
		      swap device.

       [ENXIO]	      The major device number of special is  out  of  range  (this  indicates  no
		      device driver exists for the associated hardware).

       [EIO]	      An I/O error occurred while opening the swap device.

       [EFAULT]       Special points outside the process's allocated address space.

       swapon(8), config(8)

       There is no way to stop swapping on a disk so that the pack may be dismounted.

       This call will be upgraded in future versions of the system.

4th Berkeley Distribution		  March 9, 1986 				SWAPON(2)
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