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SLATTACH(8)						      System Manager's Manual						       SLATTACH(8)

slattach - attach serial lines as network interfaces SYOPNSIS
slattach ttyname [ baudrate ] DESCRIPTION
Slattach is used to assign a tty line to a network interface, and to define the network source and destination addresses. The ttyname parameter is a string of the form ``ttyXX'', or ``/dev/ttyXX''. The optional baudrate parameter is used to set the speed of the connec- tion. If not specified, the default of 9600 is used. Only the super-user may attach a network interface. To detach the interface, use `ifconfig interface-name down' after killing off the slattach process. interface-name is the name that is shown by netstat(1) EXAMPLES
slattach ttyh8 slattach /dev/tty01 4800 DIAGNOSTICS
Messages indicating the specified interface does not exit, the requested address is unknown, the user is not privileged and tried to alter an interface's configuration. SEE ALSO
rc(8), intro(4), netstat(1), ifconfig(8) 4.3 Berkeley Distribution November 17, 1996 SLATTACH(8)

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SL(4)							   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 						     SL(4)

sl -- Serial Line IP (SLIP) network interface SYNOPSIS
pseudo-device sl DESCRIPTION
The sl interface allows asynchronous serial lines to be used as IPv4 network interfaces using the SLIP protocol. To use the sl interface, the administrator must first create the interface and assign a tty line to it. The sl interface is created using the ifconfig(8) create subcommand, and slattach(8) is used to assign a tty line to the interface. Once the interface is attached, network source and destination addresses and other parameters are configured via ifconfig(8). The sl interface can use Van Jacobson TCP header compression and ICMP filtering. The following flags to ifconfig(8) control these properties of a SLIP link: link0 Turn on Van Jacobson header compression. -link0 Turn off header compression. (default) link1 Don't pass through ICMP packets. -link1 Do pass through ICMP packets. (default) link2 If a packet with a compressed header is received, automatically enable compression of outgoing packets. (default) -link2 Don't auto-enable compression. DIAGNOSTICS
sl%d: af%d not supported . The interface was handed a message with addresses formatted in an unsuitable address family; the packet was dropped. SEE ALSO
inet(4), intro(4), ppp(4), strip(4), ifconfig(8), slattach(8), sliplogin(8), slstats(8) J. Romkey, A Nonstandard for Transmission of IP Datagrams over Serial Lines: SLIP, RFC, 1055, June 1988. Van Jacobson, Compressing TCP/IP Headers for Low-Speed Serial Links, RFC, 1144, February 1990. HISTORY
The sl device appeared in NetBSD 1.0. BUGS
SLIP can only transmit IPv4 packets between preconfigured hosts on an asynchronous serial link. It has no provision for address negotiation, carriage of additional protocols (e.g. XNS, AppleTalk, DECNET), and is not designed for synchronous serial links. This is why SLIP has been superseded by the Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP), which does all of those things, and much more. BSD
July 9, 2006 BSD
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