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rc(8) [bsd man page]

RC(8)							      System Manager's Manual							     RC(8)

rc - command script for auto-reboot and daemons SYNOPSIS
/etc/rc /etc/rc.local DESCRIPTION
Rc is the command script which controls the automatic reboot and rc.local is the script holding commands which are pertinent only to a spe- cific site. When an automatic reboot is in progress, rc is invoked with the argument autoboot and runs a fsck with option -p to ``preen'' all the disks of minor inconsistencies resulting from the last system shutdown and to check for serious inconsistencies caused by hardware or software failure. If this auto-check and repair succeeds, then the second part of rc is run. The second part of rc, which is run after a auto-reboot succeeds and also if rc is invoked when a single user shell terminates (see init(8)), starts all the daemons on the system, preserves editor files and clears the scratch directory /tmp. Rc.local is executed immedi- ately before any other commands after a successful fsck. Normally, the first commands placed in the rc.local file define the machine's name, using hostname(1), and save any possible core image that might have been generated as a result of a system crash, savecore(8). The latter command is included in the rc.local file because the directory in which core dumps are saved is usually site specific. SEE ALSO
init(8), reboot(8), savecore(8) BUGS
4th Berkeley Distribution April 27, 1985 RC(8)

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reboot(8)						      System Manager's Manual							 reboot(8)

       reboot - automatic reboot procedures

       /etc/reboot [ -n ] [ -q ]

       The  ULTRIX  system is booted by loading a kernel image, usually into memory at location zero and transferring to zero.	Because the system
       is not reenterable, the kernel image must be read in from disk each time the system is bootstrapped.

       When the reboot of a running system is desired, is normally used.  If there are no users, can be used.  The command causes the disks to	be
       synced,	and  then  a multiuser reboot is initiated.  The system is booted and an automatic disk check is performed.  If the procedure suc-
       ceeds, the system is then brought up for the users.

       The system will reboot itself after a power failure or after a crash, provided auto-restart is enabled on your system.  A consistency check
       of the file systems will be performed and, unless the check fails, the system will resume multiuser operations.

       -n   Prevents the disks from being synced.

       -q   Reboots quickly and ungracefully, without shutting down running processes first.

       System code

See Also
       crash(8v), fsck(8), halt(8), init(8), newfs(8), rc(8), shutdown(8)

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