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BSD 2.11 - man page for implogd (bsd section 8)

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IMPLOGD(8)									       IMPLOGD(8)

       implogd - IMP logger process

       /usr/sbin/implogd [ -d ]

       Implogd	is  program  which  logs  error  messages  from the IMP, placing them in the file

       Entries in the file are variable length.  Each log entry has a fixed length header of  the

       struct sockstamp {
	    short     sin_family;
	    u_short   sin_port;
	    struct    in_addr sin_addr;
	    time_t    sin_time;
	    int  sin_len;

       followed,  possibly,  by the message received from the IMP.  Each time the logging process
       is started up it places a time stamp entry in the file (a header with sin_len field set to

       The  logging process will catch only those message from the IMP which are not processed by
       a protocol module, e.g. IP.  This implies the log should contain only  status  information
       such as ``IMP going down'' messages, ``host down'' and other error messages, and, perhaps,
       stray NCP messages.

       imp(4P), implog(8C)

4.2 Berkeley Distribution		November 16, 1996			       IMPLOGD(8)
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