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ZORK(6) 										  ZORK(6)

       zork - the game of dungeon


       Dungeon	is  a  computer  fantasy simulation based on Adventure and on Dungeons & Dragons,
       originally written by Lebling, Blank, and Anderson of MIT.  In it you  explore  a  dungeon
       made  up of various rooms, caves, rivers, and so on.  The object of the game is to collect
       as much treasure as possible and stow it safely in the trophy case  (and,  of  course,  to
       stay alive.)

       Figuring  out  the  rules  is part of the game, but if you are stuck, you should start off
       with "open mailbox", "take leaflet", and then "read leaflet".  Additional useful  commands
       that are not documented include:

       quit (to end the game)

       !cmd (the usual shell escape convention)

       >    (to save a game)

       <    (to restore a game)


4th Berkeley Distribution		   May 20, 1985 				  ZORK(6)
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