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RAIN(6) 							   Games Manual 							   RAIN(6)

rain - animated raindrops display SYNOPSIS
/usr/games/rain DESCRIPTION
Rain's display is modeled after the VAX/VMS program of the same name. The terminal has to be set for 9600 baud to obtain the proper effect. As with all programs that use termcap, the TERM environment variable must be set (and exported) to the type of the terminal being used. FILES
/etc/termcap AUTHOR
Eric P. Scott 4th Berkeley Distribution May 20, 1985 RAIN(6)

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UL(1)							      General Commands Manual							     UL(1)

ul - do underlining SYNOPSIS
ul [ -i ] [ -t terminal ] [ name ... ] DESCRIPTION
Ul reads the named files (or standard input if none are given) and translates occurrences of underscores to the sequence which indicates underlining for the terminal in use, as specified by the environment variable TERM. The -t option overrides the terminal kind specified in the environment. The file /etc/termcap is read to determine the appropriate sequences for underlining. If the terminal is incapable of underlining, but is capable of a standout mode then that is used instead. If the terminal can overstrike, or handles underlining automati- cally, ul degenerates to cat(1). If the terminal cannot underline, underlining is ignored. The -i option causes ul to indicate underlining onto by a separate line containing appropriate dashes `-'; this is useful when you want to look at the underlining which is present in an nroff output stream on a crt-terminal. SEE ALSO
man(1), nroff(1), colcrt(1) BUGS
Nroff usually outputs a series of backspaces and underlines intermixed with the text to indicate underlining. No attempt is made to opti- mize the backward motion. 4th Berkeley Distribution May 7, 1986 UL(1)
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