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syserrlst(5) [bsd man page]

SYSERRLST(5)							File Formats Manual						      SYSERRLST(5)

syserrlst - error message file format DESCRIPTION
mkerrlst(1), creates error message files in the format described below. An ``error message file'' consists of a header, an array of structures specifying the offset and length of each message, and the array of message strings separated by newlines. The message strings are separated by newlines but the newline characters are not included in the size of the message. These newline char- acters serve only to make the file editable or printable (after stripping off the header). The file format is: /* * Definitions used by the 'mkerrlst' program which creates error message * files. * * The format of the file created is: * * struct ERRLSTHDR ehdr; * struct ERRLST emsg[num_of_messages]; * struct { * char msg[] = "error message string"; * char lf = '0; * } [num_of_messages]; * * Note: the newlines are NOT included in the message lengths, the newlines * are present to make it easy to 'cat' or 'vi' the file. */ struct ERRLSTHDR { short magic; short maxmsgnum; short maxmsglen; short pad[5]; /* Reserved */ }; struct ERRLST { off_t offmsg; short lenmsg; }; #define ERRMAGIC 012345 SEE ALSO
mkerrlst(1), syserrlst(3) BUGS
Format of the file isn't necessarily portable between machines. HISTORY
This file format is new with 2.11BSD. 3rd Berkeley Distribution March 7, 1996 SYSERRLST(5)

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VFONT(5)							File Formats Manual							  VFONT(5)

vfont - font formats for the Benson-Varian or Versatec SYNOPSIS
/usr/share/vfont/* DESCRIPTION
The fonts for the printer/plotters have the following format. Each file contains a header, an array of 256 character description struc- tures, and then the bit maps for the characters themselves. The header has the following format: struct header { short magic; unsigned short size; short maxx; short maxy; short xtnd; } header; The magic number is 0436 (octal). The maxx, maxy, and xtnd fields are not used at the current time. Maxx and maxy are intended to be the maximum horizontal and vertical size of any glyph in the font, in raster lines. The size is the size of the bit maps for the characters in bytes. Before the maps for the characters is an array of 256 structures for each of the possible characters in the font. Each element of the array has the form: struct dispatch { unsigned short addr; short nbytes; char up; char down; char left; char right; short width; }; The nbytes field is nonzero for characters which actually exist. For such characters, the addr field is an offset into the rest of the file where the data for that character begins. There are up+down rows of data for each character, each of which has left+right bits, rounded up to a number of bytes. The width field is not used by vcat, although it is to make width tables for troff. It represents the logical width of the glyph, in raster lines, and shows where the base point of the next glyph would be. FILES
/usr/share/vfont/* SEE ALSO
troff(1), pti(1), vfontinfo(1) 7th Edition October 22, 1996 VFONT(5)

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