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ACCT(5) 							File Formats Manual							   ACCT(5)

acct - execution accounting file SYNOPSIS
#include <sys/acct.h> DESCRIPTION
The acct(2) system call arranges for entries to be made in an accounting file for each process that terminates. The accounting file is a sequence of entries whose layout, as defined by the include file is: If the process was created by an execve(2), the first 10 characters of the filename appear in ac_comm. The accounting flag contains bits indicating whether execve(2) was ever accomplished, and whether the process ever had super-user privileges. SEE ALSO
acct(2), execve(2), sa(8) 7th Edition May 19, 1986 ACCT(5)

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ACCT(5) 						      BSD File Formats Manual							   ACCT(5)

acct -- execution accounting file SYNOPSIS
#include <sys/acct.h> DESCRIPTION
The kernel maintains the following acct information structure for all processes. If a process terminates, and accounting is enabled, the ker- nel calls the acct(2) function call to prepare and append the record to the accounting file. /* * Accounting structures; these use a comp_t type which is a 3 bits base 8 * exponent, 13 bit fraction ``floating point'' number. Units are 1/AHZ * seconds. */ typedef u_short comp_t; struct acct { char ac_comm[10]; /* name of command */ comp_t ac_utime; /* user time */ comp_t ac_stime; /* system time */ comp_t ac_etime; /* elapsed time */ time_t ac_btime; /* starting time */ uid_t ac_uid; /* user id */ gid_t ac_gid; /* group id */ short ac_mem; /* memory usage average */ comp_t ac_io; /* count of IO blocks */ dev_t ac_tty; /* controlling tty */ #define AFORK 0x01 /* forked but not execed */ #define ASU 0x02 /* used super-user permissions */ #define ACOMPAT 0x04 /* used compatibility mode */ #define ACORE 0x08 /* dumped core */ #define AXSIG 0x10 /* killed by a signal */ char ac_flag; /* accounting flags */ }; /* * 1/AHZ is the granularity of the data encoded in the comp_t fields. * This is not necessarily equal to hz. */ #define AHZ 64 #ifdef KERNEL struct vnode *acctp; #endif If a terminated process was created by an execve(2), the name of the executed file (at most ten characters of it) is saved in the field ac_comm and its status is saved by setting one of more of the following flags in ac_flag: AFORK, ASU, ACOMPAT, ACORE and ASIG. SEE ALSO
lastcomm(1), acct(2), execve(2), accton(8), sa(8) HISTORY
A acct file format appeared in Version 7 AT&T UNIX. BSD
June 5, 1993 BSD
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