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BSD 2.11 - man page for swap (bsd section 4)

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SWAP(4) 										  SWAP(4)

       swap - swap device

       This file refers to the swap device in use by the system.  It should be linked to the spe-
       cial file for the disk or disk partition on which the system swaps.  It is  used  by  pro-
       grams  that  wish  to read from the swap device without knowing its real name.  The script
       /dev/MAKEDEV.local normally is edited by the system builder to set /dev/swap up correctly.

       /dev/MAKEDEV	   script to create special files
       /dev/MAKEDEV.local  script to localize special files

       ps(1), w(1)

3rd Berkeley Distribution		 January 28, 1988				  SWAP(4)
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