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swap(4) [bsd man page]

SWAP(4) 						     Kernel Interfaces Manual							   SWAP(4)

swap - swap device DESCRIPTION
This file refers to the swap device in use by the system. It should be linked to the special file for the disk or disk partition on which the system swaps. It is used by programs that wish to read from the swap device without knowing its real name. The script /dev/MAKEDEV.local normally is edited by the system builder to set /dev/swap up correctly. FILES
/dev/swap /dev/MAKEDEV script to create special files /dev/MAKEDEV.local script to localize special files SEE ALSO
ps(1), w(1) 3rd Berkeley Distribution January 28, 1988 SWAP(4)

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MAKEDEV.LOCAL(8)					    BSD System Manager's Manual 					  MAKEDEV.LOCAL(8)

MAKEDEV.local -- create site-specific device special files SYNOPSIS
MAKEDEV.local [-fMsu] [-m mknod] [-p pax] [-t mtree] {all | site-specific-argument} [...] DESCRIPTION
MAKEDEV.local is used to create site-specific device special files. Each argument may be the word all or a site-specific argument. By default, there are no valid site-specific arguments, and the all argument has no effect; This may be changed by editing the script. The script is in /dev/MAKEDEV.local. Devices are created in the current working directory; in normal use, MAKEDEV.local should be invoked with /dev as the current working directory. Supported options for MAKEDEV.local are the same as for MAKEDEV(8). FILES
/dev special device files directory /dev/MAKEDEV script that invokes MAKEDEV.local with the all argument. /dev/MAKEDEV.local script described in this man page SEE ALSO
config(1), intro(4), MAKEDEV(8), mknod(8) HISTORY
The MAKEDEV.local command appeared in 4.2BSD. Handling of the same command line options as MAKEDEV(8), and the use of MAKEDEV(8) as a func- tion library, was added in NetBSD 5.0. NOTES
The relationship between MAKEDEV.local and MAKEDEV(8) is complex: o If MAKEDEV(8) is invoked with the all or local argument, then it will invoke MAKEDEV.local as a child process, with options similar to those that were originally passed to MAKEDEV(8), and with the all argument. o MAKEDEV.local uses shell functions defined in MAKEDEV(8). This is done by loading MAKEDEV(8) using the shell ``.'' command, with the MAKEDEV_AS_LIBRARY variable set (to inform MAKEDEV(8) that it should behave as a function library, not as an independent program). BSD
August 6, 2011 BSD

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