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LP(4)											    LP(4)

       lp - line printer

	    NLP        lp_printers  # Line Printer
	    LP_MAXCOL  132	    # Maximum number of columns on line printers

	    #Name Unit# Addr   Vector Br Handler(s)	 # Comments
	    lp	  ?	177514 200    4  lpintr 	 # lp-11 line printer

       major device number(s):
	    raw: 5
       minor device encoding:
	    bit 01 specifies 64-character set (instead of 96-character set)
	    bits 06 are reserved
	    bits 0370 specify line printer unit: <lp_unit> * 8

       Lp  provides  the  interface to any of the standard DEC line printers on an LP-11 parallel
       interface.  When it is opened or closed, a suitable number of page  ejects  is  generated.
       Bytes written are printed.

       The  unit  number of the printer is specified by the minor device after removing the low 3
       bits, which act as per-device parameters.  Currently only the lowest of the low three bits
       is  interpreted:  if it is set, the device is treated as having a 64-character set, rather
       than a full 96-character set.  In the resulting half-ASCII mode, lower  case  letters  are
       turned  into  upper case and certain characters are escaped according to the following ta-

       {	 (
       }	 )
       `	 '
       |	 !
       ~	 ^

       The driver correctly interprets carriage returns, backspaces, tabs, and form feeds.  Lines
       longer  than  the  maximum  page width are truncated.  The page width is specified via the
       LP_MAXCOL definition, set to 132 in the GENERIC distribution.

       /dev/MAKEDEV	   script to create special files
       /dev/MAKEDEV.local  script to localize special files

       lpr(1), dtab(5), autoconfig(8)


       Although the driver supports multiple printers this has never been tried.

3rd Berkeley Distribution		 January 28, 1988				    LP(4)
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