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lp(4) [bsd man page]

LP(4)							     Kernel Interfaces Manual							     LP(4)

lp - line printer SYNOPSIS
/sys/conf/SYSTEM: NLP lp_printers # Line Printer LP_MAXCOL 132 # Maximum number of columns on line printers /etc/dtab: #Name Unit# Addr Vector Br Handler(s) # Comments lp ? 177514 200 4 lpintr # lp-11 line printer major device number(s): raw: 5 minor device encoding: bit 01 specifies 64-character set (instead of 96-character set) bits 06 are reserved bits 0370 specify line printer unit: <lp_unit> * 8 DESCRIPTION
Lp provides the interface to any of the standard DEC line printers on an LP-11 parallel interface. When it is opened or closed, a suitable number of page ejects is generated. Bytes written are printed. The unit number of the printer is specified by the minor device after removing the low 3 bits, which act as per-device parameters. Cur- rently only the lowest of the low three bits is interpreted: if it is set, the device is treated as having a 64-character set, rather than a full 96-character set. In the resulting half-ASCII mode, lower case letters are turned into upper case and certain characters are escaped according to the following table: { ( } ) ` ' | ! ~ ^ The driver correctly interprets carriage returns, backspaces, tabs, and form feeds. Lines longer than the maximum page width are trun- cated. The page width is specified via the LP_MAXCOL definition, set to 132 in the GENERIC distribution. FILES
/dev/lp /dev/MAKEDEV script to create special files /dev/MAKEDEV.local script to localize special files SEE ALSO
lpr(1), dtab(5), autoconfig(8) DIAGNOSTICS
None. BUGS
Although the driver supports multiple printers this has never been tried. 3rd Berkeley Distribution January 28, 1988 LP(4)

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DZ(4)							     Kernel Interfaces Manual							     DZ(4)

dz - DZ-11 communications multiplexer SYNOPSIS
/sys/conf/SYSTEM: NDZ dz_units # DZ11; NDZ is in units of boards (8 each) /etc/dtab: #Name Unit# Addr Vector Br Handler(s) # Comments dz ? 160100 310 5 dzrint dzdma # dz11 terminal mux major device number: raw: 2 minor device encoding: bits 0007 specify line on DZ unit bits 0170 specify DZ unit bit 0200 specifies non-blocking open (``CD always on'') DESCRIPTION
A DZ11 provides 8 communication lines with partial modem control, adequate for UNIX dialup use. Each line attached to the DZ11 communica- tions multiplexer behaves as described in tty(4) and may be set to run at any of 16 speeds; see tty(4) for the encoding. Bit 0200 of the minor device number for DZ lines may be set to say that a line is not properly connected, and that the line should be treated as hard-wired with carrier always present. Thus creating the special character device node "2, 130" via mknod /dev/tty02 c 2 130 would cause line tty02 to be treated in this way. The dz driver monitors the rate of input on each board, and switches between the use of character-at-a-time interrupts and input silos. While the silo is enabled during periods of high-speed input, the driver polls for input 30 times per second. FILES
/dev/tty[0-9][0-9] /dev/ttyd[0-9a-f] dialups /dev/MAKEDEV script to create special files /dev/MAKEDEV.local script to localize special files SEE ALSO
tty(4), dtab(5), autoconfig(8) DIAGNOSTICS
dz%d: silo overflow. The 64 character input silo overflowed before it could be serviced. This can happen if a hard error occurs when the CPU is running with elevated priority, as the system will then print a message on the console with interrupts disabled. It is not serious. 3rd Berkeley Distribution January 28, 1988 DZ(4)
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