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DR(4)											    DR(4)

       dr - DR11-W general purpose interface driver

	    NDR  dr11-w_units	# DR11-W

	    #Name Unit# Addr   Vector Br Handler(s)	 # Comments
	    dr	  ?	172410 124    5  drintr 	 # dr11-w (b-bus emulator)
	    dr	  ?	172430 130    5  drintr 	 # dr11-w (gc-bus emulator)
	    dr	  ?	172450 134    5  drintr 	 # dr11-w (em-2 interface)

       major device number(s):
	    raw: 12
       minor device encoding:
	    bits 0007 specify DR unit

       The Digital Equipment 1981-82 Peripherals Handbook states the following about the DR11-W:

	      The  The	DR11-W	is a general purpose, direct memory access (DMA) interface to the
	      PDP-11 UNIBUS or VAX UNIBUS.  The DR11-W moves data directly between memory and the
	      UNIBUS to and from the user's peripheral.

	      It features:

	      o      Word or byte transfers.

	      o      Programmed or direct memory access (DMA) block transfers.

	      o      Burst data transfers.

	      o      User-controlled transfer rates up to memory speed.

	      The  DR11-W  is a 53-line direct memory access (DMA) interface to the PDP-11 UNIBUS
	      or VAX UBA, which allows the user to control data transfers between the  host  pro-
	      cessor  and  a  peripheral.   The DR11-W has 32 data lines (for transferring 16-bit
	      parallel data) and 21 control lines (for transferring control and  status  informa-

	      When  used  as  an  interprocessor  buffer  (IPB), the DR11-W allows data transfers
	      between two processors.  Interprocessor communication is accomplished by	attaching
	      one  DR11-W  to  each  processor	UNIBUS	or  UBA  and then cabling the two DR11-Ws

       There.  Now you know as much about it as I do.

       A number of ioctl(2) calls apply to the dr devices, and have the form
	      #include <pdpuba/drreg.h>
	      ioctl(fildes, code, arg)
	      int *arg;
       The applicable codes are:

       DRGTTY		 Get DR11-W status.

       DRSTTY		 Set flags and function.

       DRSFUN		 Set function.

       DRSFLAG		 Set flags.

       DRGCSR		 Get CSR and WCR.

       DRSSIG		 Set signal for ATTN interrupt.

       DRESET		 Reset DR11-W interface.

       DRSTIME		 Set timeout.

       DRCTIME		 Set timeout inactive.

       DROUTPUT 	 Put word in output data register.

       DRINPUT		 Get word from input data register.

       DRITIME		 Don't ignore errors on timeout.

       /dev/dr[0-7]	   device special files
       /dev/MAKEDEV	   script to create special files
       /dev/MAKEDEV.local  script to localize special files

       dtab(5), autoconfig(8)

       dr%d: error csr=%b, eir=%b

       dr%d: timeout error

       This interface is only available under 2.9BSD and 2.11BSD.  No documentation exists on how
       to use it.

3rd Berkeley Distribution		 January 27, 1996				    DR(4)
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